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    Post by Amanaki on 17th May 2017, 11:12 pm

    Name: Amanaki (Unknown Last Name)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35 (Actual age is over 15,000 years of existance and construction)
    Birthday: ????
    Sexuality:  Unknown
    Special Characteristics: His body is made of a weird liquid that resembles water

    Amanaki is the creation of Marceline and Raiza, created for the purpose of becoming a better death. The origin of how long he has actually been existing is a mystery, but he has been given a manipulated mind that makes him believe he has grown up and is 35 years old. He is a calm collected individual, always putting the thing he is working on first. Sometimes he is considered cold for his reasoning and actions and reasonings when he is on the job. Tactical and intelligent, he is definitely one to have in your corner when he is serious. He seems to enjoy seeing things through and following orders, and hardly deviates. He thrills in battle, but will try to use diplomacy first before beginning his assault.

    When it comes to interacting with those he deemed friends, he is more lax. He has a very dry sense of humor and loves to let loose puns when he can find the room for such. Believing himself to be just raised in Earthland and not a creation, often references himself and his past with a smile on his face. He loves to share his knowledge and lessons with those who he is with. When dealing with his magic and due to its orientation in believing it is real ice and water, he tends to get frustrated but tries to remain calm, not showing it to others, he will however mention his distaste for how it does not work properly, yet he is supposed to be a slayer. He tries with frustration to continue the belief of such but he cannot understand why he cannot consume his element, or at least the element he swears he is. When confronted about this, he will explain his reasoning, much like if you ask him about anything.

    Amanaki seems to love research, and his modified memories seem to hold a lot of such. He observes others and often applies his knowledge and seems to know someone quite a bit sooner through these observations. This is not due to any sort of clairvoyance but more due to the fact that he is simply seeing how the person acts before interacting too much with them. He also loves to play more of a big brother role who knows more than the younger, seeming to have some what of a nurturing nature when giving advice. While he seems to not care if his advice is taken, he is quick to let out a small laugh and comment if his advice rings true and the person did not listen. When someone is eating around him, the sounds seem to cause him discomfort and he will usually leave the room. As he does not need to seemingly eat or sleep, he is often found in a library or in the room of someone that he cares for reading and watching for him. In his altered memory, his mother and father died when he could not protect them from a fire, so he remains very protective when he cares for someone. To summarize, he is usually someone of great knowledge and advice. He seems cold sometimes, but ultimately is more concerned with his job or responsibility at the time.


    -Research: Amanaki enjoys reading books and enjoys knowledge.
    -Bodies of Water: Believing he is a water slayer, he seems to enjoy time near large and small bodies of water, trying to understand how he cannot consume his “own element”.
    -People-Watching: Amanaki likes to observe what people do with their free time and often watches, advising if they are doing something that is not the greatest ideas.


    -Food: As he cannot eat, he finds the idea of one stuffing their face disgusting. Enough said.
    -Jobs that are Menial: He enjoys doing things that put himself to the test.
    -Doing Nothing: He hates not remaining busy, even in his free time. There is always something to do, even if it is as simple as holding a loved one's hand and talking to them, he has to do something or he starts to fidget.


    -Learn More: As his memory is a bit hazy, he wants to learn more about the world and seems to have a good idea already. He just does not know of his creation...
    -Finding The Truth of his Magic: This is pretty self explanatory. He uses “Ice” and “Water” magic as a slayer but cannot consume it. He still wants to find out what it truly is.
    -Enjoying What Is: At the moment and him not understanding who he is, he enjoys life and the trails it brings.


    -The Unexplained: He fears things he simply cannot fathom or that has no explanation, literally. If something seems to be really messed up, he tends to step back and observe. This is a minor fear however and he tries not to show it.
    -Death: His memories have made him believe he has lived a fulfilling life, but he believes he has much yet to accomplish. Death of others also brings out weird reactions in him.
    -Failure: Amanaki Fears failing a mission or his calling.

    General Appearance
    Weight:  190lbs
    Hair: Amanaki has long, flowing and straight silver hair.
    Eyes: Glowing Green
    Skin Tone: Pale White
    Appearance: Amanaki is tall, lean and muscular in build, his body seems made of water but is in actuality made of the genetics of many different beasts and baddies. The water is actually liquid nether, something that Marceline herself has constructed for him to utilize as a magic. He has long flowing straight silver hair with swirling glowing green eyes. He has a heroic chin and chiseled cheekbones. He dresses in black leather pants and a leather trench coat. He wears a set of suspenders connected to his belt that he has crossed  a crossed the chest. He always stands and sits with an elegant posture and walks fluidly.

    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Tattoo: The Fairy Tail Mark is hidden on his upper right thigh, usually hidden by pants
    Rank: C Rank

    Julius Seas

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    Re: Amanaki

    Post by Julius Seas on 18th May 2017, 4:18 am


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