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    Zeno and Tito's Return. [Arz/Yazuki]


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    Zeno and Tito's Return. [Arz/Yazuki]  Empty Zeno and Tito's Return. [Arz/Yazuki]

    Post by Arz 17th May 2017, 2:45 am

    Burn to ashes.

    Zeno and Tito would wander closer towards the home of Black Rose, their old home, and hopefully where their best friend resided. It had been a year since Zeno and Tito left Black Rose to train and become stronger than how weak they were in the past. Meaning it had also been a year without meeting their best friend, Yazuki, or meeting anyone else dear to them. Zeno and Tito trained to improve every aspect of their magic and physical capabilities so they could be of more use if the guild or their friends were ever in trouble.

    You think Yazuki and everyone missed us? Tito asked as they stood in front of the entrance into Rose Garden. The place had stayed the same, with everything in the city being composed of magic, even the street lights as they reflected a bright light on the ground. The shops and all the other places were full, like always, and not far, not more than a kilometer walk, there stood Silver Inn, the guild hall of Black Rose.

    Think? I know! Plus, we are so much stronger now, even Old Woman Iza would be impressed! Zeno replied with enthusiasm, referring to the guild master as an old woman even though she clearly was not, it was his way of showing respect.

    They would continue to walk through Rose Garden, finally appearing in front of Black Rose's Guild Hall, hoping to see Yazuki, the pair would barge in, We're home! Zeno would yell as he looked around for Yazuki, but he didn't see him, so he instantly ran outside and waited there, hoping for Yazuki to return. Oh how long they waited to see their best friend, a tear streaked down Zeno's face as he remembered all the good times they had together.



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