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    One Less Bed (solo)


    One Less Bed (solo) Empty One Less Bed (solo)

    Post by Guest on 16th May 2017, 5:33 am

    Job Title: One Bed To Break Them All (Breaking Bed Series)
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Players shouldn't be afraid to destroy property. At least 1000 words each. Can be done by anyone of any alignment.
    Job Requirements: Simple; destroy the Bed of Power before it can be used to dominate all life on Middle-Earthland.
    Job Location: Neutral Grounds
    Job Description: An old guy in grey rags stops you in the middle of the road when you're about minding you own business, shouting that you shall not pass while frightfully swinging his staff about. You decide to hear him out, and get informed that his name is Gandalf, and that he needs your help in vanquishing an evil artifact, as the Pillowship of the Bed could not. Fell asleep on the job, or so Gandalf says. It all seems rather dodgy to you, but you decide to take the job anyway and destroy this 'evil' artifact. He pushes the folder of a local bed merchant into your hands and scurries off, muttering something about needing more firework.

    Although the enemies are no necessity, it's advised to at least roll one dice. Note that you're in a store, and these people are only doing their jobs, as are you. You can't hurt them, but can however outrun or outsmart them if you wish. Be creative!


    Name: Shelob's Kindergarten
    Description: These kids. You have no idea where they came from, but suddenly they're there, right in front of your nose, staring so intently you momentarily fear for your own soul. These kids come in pairs, and each have a dandy stick they'll like poking you with. Totally harmless, but extremely annoying, especially when you're trying to destroy a piece of furniture with a stick kindly poking your derrière for attention.


    Name: Angry Uruk-hai babysitter
    Description: As the name suggests, this is one of those babysitters that you rather not mess with. They lost the child they were watching over, and now blame you for it. For some reason however you will find said child clinging to your leg and crying hysterically, not wanting to be taken by the Uruk-hai babysitter. The constant crying is having every customer turn around to look at you, making it hard to destroy the bed and getting away with it. Deal with the child, the babysitter, or both.


    Name: Nazgûl Orchestra
    Description: Lord Sauron's most-valued staff, trying their best at keeping the children and customers alike entertained with their eerie shrieks and symphonic harmony. They however also are the local bouncers, and will bounce any wrecker of beds out of the Dark Lord's store. Better be careful, because their singing voices aren't exactly the next big thing on X-factor, if you catch my drift, and may cause hearing damage.


    Name: Dark Lord Store Manager, Sauron
    Description: The Dark Lord Store Manager Sauron will do everything to stop you from getting to the bed. Unlike his fellow employees, this man will spot you the very instant you step into the store, knowing exactly what you plan to do to the Bed of Power. He's the only one trying to actually deal damage to you by throwing sharpened pencils of odd shapes at you. These will deal D-rank damage whenever hit. Beware, because Sauron takes his job seriously; he doesn't know WHO you are, but he WILL find you, and he WILL kick you out. He seems to have a weakness for magical blingbling though.


    Reward: D-rank exp, a 1000 jewels and moderate fame for destroying the Bed of Power. You may expect more people asking for your aid in their endeavors to eliminate all beds, too.

    -- credit to Aura

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    Post by Guest on 16th May 2017, 5:34 am


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    Post by NPC on 16th May 2017, 5:34 am

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    Post by Guest on 16th May 2017, 6:27 am

    WORDS COUNT: 1028
    NOTES: rolling results: 1 strong, 1 normal, 2 weak, boss encounter immediately.
    ”Okay, okay! I, urm… I will do it!” A female sighed softly as she bit her lower lip, she didn’t expect for such a thing to happen, if she was going to be honest. She was busy mingling with Kinopio, he was busy talking about how he spotted the most beautifullest woman in the world, yet was nervous to speak to her at all. Aerwyna being Aerwyna, she assumed by this human, he meant a mushroom being, just like him. Aerwyna was going to try give him some tips, even if she doesn’t know much about relationships herself…

    That was, until she was stopped by a man in rags, screaming that the both of them should not pass while he waves a stick around as if he was completely delusional. Strangely enough, the man was not delusional at all. Hell, Aerwyna even felt harassed by the fact that he kept going on and on about a bed that needed destroyed, before being shoved a folder into her grasp as he walked off, going on about fireworks.

    “Aerwyna, he’s a weirdo…!”

    “I will have to agree with you, Kinopio…” Aerwyna seconded while sighing softly and looking through the folder before sighing some more. She was still breaking a few barriers to with speaking and reading skills. She will admit, she has done rather well if she was going to be honest, but she didn’t understand a ton of these words… maybe Kinopio would know… However, she was not going to ask him. Instead, she closed the file and looked around, it seemed the bed shop was in front of her. “Kinopio, let’s hop in.” Alana smiled softly as she let the toadstool hop on top of the folder for him to sit on whilst they entered…

    Upon entering, the female could see that the shop was rather intricate but seemed rather hygienic too, there were plenty of beds that looked like they could be the bed of power, but they seemed quite ordinary too. It was indeed going to be a rather tough one indeed, trying to find out which bed is the bed of power or not, she hoped there was going to be an easier way to pull this off. That was when she was poked… and poked again and again. It caused the mermaid princess to look around and notice that little kids were poking her sides with a fast pace. It was rather shocking that the mermaid princess had to deal with such a thing, but hey, what else can one do??

    Groaning, Aerwyna moved away from the kids when she seen something being flicked at her. Quickly, Aerwyna moved to the side, only to be greeted by more pokes and then another small object being flown at her, eventually hitting her face before it fell onto the floor. Of course, this made Kinopio a tad angry, but there was nothing much he could do for a man his height. That was, until he pointed at the culprit who seemed to have managed to throw the object in the first place. He seems to have looked away for now, but that doesn’t stop him from looking like a grumpy old man.

    Moving away from the sticky kids, the female gracefully walked around with Kinopio still in her clutches.

    “Finding this bed is really hard… I didn’t expect bed finding to be this difficult…” Aerwyna grumbled under her breath as she bit her lower lip, she didn’t enjoy this activity at all, she would rather be with Gala as of the moment, cuddling into him or trying her best to cook for him. Maybe she could do that when she returns from the neutral grounds. Right now, she had a bed to vandalise, with this mindset, the female continued, only to be stopped by a choir that… sounded like a bunch of cats, and it hurt… It even hurt Aerwyna’s ears, as they haven’t been attuned to stuff like this before while she was on land, it was indeed horrible and she didn’t know how to get rid of it… what was worse, was that when the choir people stopped and stared at Aerwyna… boy, wasn’t she glad that she near the bed yet, or so she hoped. That was when she felt her leg get attacked and she fell onto the floor with a hard thud, her bottom hurt now and she wanted a bed to sit on, however, the thing that hit her was cuddling her leg, crying and squealing with painstaking results. Not long afterwards, someone came after the kid and grabbed the kid off her leg. Aerwyna didn’t understand what was going on, but she felt weird… especially since now all the staff and customers were looking at her with ill will.

    Standing up, the female shaken her leg, which eventually got the kid to remove himself from her leg and dashed off, she sighed softly as she looked in front of her. It was a bed…

    “Kinopio, this looks like a picture on the file, can you hop off??” Aerwyna asked kindly as she bit her lower lip, she wanted to make sure before she destroyed the bed.

    With Kinopio hopping off, Aerwyna opened the file once more to meet the picture and complicated words… it was the bed of power indeed. Now she just needed to destroy it and get out of the shop… That was when she felt more pokes, and then another pencil was thrown at her face. Ugh, she wasn’t getting the best service here, she knew she should destroy it as soon as possible…

    Climbing onto the bed quickly to avoid more constant poking, the female started to jump on the bed and acted like a child as she done so, her jumping and twirling around was starting to get attention from the others. It only became worse when she jumped off the bed and started to kick it and slice it with her sword until it was no more. She destroyed the bed!!

    “Quick, Kinopio!” Aerwyna commanded as the toadstool jumped into her grasp once again and ran out the store, merely dodging another pencil.

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