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    Shen Hakuhei

    VIP- Demon Slayer- 3rd Place Event/Contest Winner- 1 Year Anniversary- Player -
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    Character Name: Shen Hakuhei
    Primary Magic: Heavenly Palm
    Secondary Magic: Gale Dragon Slayer


    Post by Shen Hakuhei on Tue May 09, 2017 7:47 pm

    Job Title:
    Rank: 100Y
    Player Requirements:  
    Job Description:

    Enemies: The Eight Heavenly Dragons

    Gale Dragon:


    Burst Dragon:


    Yanxing is a ferocious Dragon, who is the quickest of the Eight Heavenly Dragons to anger. He will drown a landscape in Dragons Fire at the slightest irritation, leaving no room for irony in his title as the Burst Dragon.  His body is constantly wreathed in a shroud of fire and smoke, that blankets the sky in his wake as he soars among the clouds. He's not a difficult Dragon to find though he makes no effort to Hide. He is a prideful Dragon who will go out of his way to prove the superiority of his kin, which usually means laying waste to everything in his path.

    Flood Dragon:


    Anshen is a sly Dragon, who's tongue is just as sharp as his fangs. His scales illuminate while he's submerged in water and shimmers like Gold. Anshen has on many occasions lured people to their deaths by glimmering like Gold beneath the surface.

    Amp Dragon:


    Abyss Dragon:


    Tundra Dragon:


    Holy Dragon:


    Cavern Dragon:


    Reward: 150k Jewels
    Dragon's Jewel: The Dragon's Jewel is a special item acquired from one of the Eight Heavenly Dragons that permits the wielder to change the element of his/her primary magic for 4 posts.


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