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    Lavinia Botticelli's Snow Bank

    Lacey Botticelli

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    Star Lavinia Botticelli's Snow Bank

    Post by Lacey Botticelli 7th May 2017, 9:45 am

    Property of
    Lavinia Botticelli


    Lavinia Botticelli † character app
    Lacrima Milk † two uses left


    Ivory Manacle † legendary+ magic item
    Armor of Alacrity † legendary armor
    Mark of Domain: Ice † legendary+ weapon


    Kiah Lake † primary magic

    (chronological order)

    THE JAILOR AND HIS MERCY † social, open (2)

    JOBS 4/6

    A SONG OF WHITE FEATHERS † job, eris (3)
    Saving Rose Garden! [Job, Ezra/Allison/Cirven] (4)
    A CHARITY IN A LIE † job, mashyuu (1)
    [url=joburlhere]A GOOD DEED BEFORE BREAKFAST † job, solo (5)[/url]

    [url=thread url here][color=#828282]thread name here[/color][/url]
    [url=job signup url here][color=#828282]†[/color][/url] [url=job url here][color=#828282]job name here[/color][/url] [url=job ending post here][color=#828282]†[/color][/url]

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