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    Sowing Seeds;; Venir And Fluffy Job


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    Sowing Seeds;; Venir And Fluffy Job Empty Sowing Seeds;; Venir And Fluffy Job

    Post by Fluffy 5th May 2017, 6:51 pm

    420 of 2,000 words
    How long had it been since she had been turned into this monster? The female felt groggy as she lay on the check in desk of the 'Hotel' part of Golden Pheonix, trying to reflect on the past. Slowly she sat up and the jingle around her neck was another reminder of how things were right now. One single day, one misstep had lead to so much trouble and made her crawl from being in her own skin! if she had just gone to buy some information instead of following them into the fight against that silver tanuki, then maybe she would still be human, maybe her life would not be so drastically changed and she would be able to breathe. Fluffy glanced down at the tag with her name carved into it, the red ribbon tying it around her neck shifting against her creamy fur, one black paw batting at it for a second. This was what she now was 'Fluffy' the twin tailed feline found by Golden Pheonix with one of her legs injured and now raised back to health, just another pet for the guild, and honestly, it was the only place she had to go. The people she had called friends before this, who had been helping her look for her siblings, well they could never accept her now because she was no longer human.

    Footsteps echoed through the rather unbusy very expensive room and the Kasha looked up to see who had come down as it was likely one of the mages at this time. Seeing a woman with dark blonde hair? Fluffy leaped down from her perch and padded over, looking up at the humanoid creature and envying her status as such, the twin tail would give anything to have a body like that again, but to do that she would have to find the pink haired monster who did this to her! Of course? She had been trying to kill that monster.

    The most ironic thing was without anyone being truly aware of the irony? The woman fluffy was looking up at, actually happened to be the half sister of the youkai whom the twin tail hated with a burning passion and feared immensely. "Mew" she made a sound and everything went unknown, neither knowing how things could grow complicated in the future right now Fluffy was just a cat and Venir was just one of the mages within golden phoenix, which meant she was a caretaker and master to the feline.


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