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    Suusano's Magic


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    In Progress Suusano's Magic

    Post by Suusano on 4th May 2017, 10:30 pm

    Primary Magic: Green Inferno Magic
    Secondary Magic: TBA
    Caster or Holder: Holder
    Description: A form of Fire Magic that revolves around the use of fire, allowing the caster to conjure, manipulate, and control the element for various purposes. The caster can change the properties of this Magic such as its "form", allowing it to take shape as a gas or solid element. However, unlike most fire that burns yellow or orange, the Fire Magic conjured by Suusano burns Green. The young man is capable of using it in a variety of ways, mastering it to the point where he is able to control its flow, and prevent collateral damage unlike most.
    Strengths: [list][*]Intense Burning: Similar to normal fire magic's ability to burn, Suusano's Green Inferno Magic is capable of burning for a shorter time, but more severe burning damage. (Normal Burn last 3 Posts, Green Inferno Burn last 2 Posts, but is atleast 3rd Degree Burns)
    [*]Heat Seeking: From many years in honing his skills as a mage Suusano has become adept at tracking targets. Allowing the boy to keep track of all
    Weaknesses: (What are the weaknesses of your magic? List all weaknesses possible, if the magic requires channeling -time- to use, able to hit self or allies, drains life if used, etc, list it. You must have at least one more weakness than strengths. Remember to separate them individually and bullet point them.)
    Knight of Frostfire:

    Description: One of the Seven Knights of King Kuroryu, this Knight could use the power of fire and ice and combining it into a mysterious element "FrostFire" known as the most lethal Knight out of the Seven, he could combine his element into his weapon or enhance his magic spells to give it properties of "FrostFire." FrostFire was said to either be so cold it burned, or so hot it froze. This Knight was eventually banned from ever using this technique, however, his descendants were later found to have this rare capability.
    Ability: Allows the user to combine "FrostFire" effects with either a weapon or a spell up. Upon landing a blow on the target, the target will either be set on fire or stunned/slowed due to intense freezing. The option is up to the user of the lineage. However, the one drawback that this lineage gives is that upon usage the user has to wait 5 posts between usage of "FrostFire" effects.
    Usage: The user of this lineage can only combine "FrostFire" effects once every 5 posts.  Upon landing a blow the user can choose to have the target be burnt or frozen. If frozen, the target will be stunned for 2 posts if they are 2 or more ranks lower than the user. If the target is 1 rank lower than the user they will be stunned for 1 post, if they are equal rank or higher though they will receive a 50% speed reduction for 2 posts. If burnt, the target will receive half the user’s rank in spell damage in their next post.
    Unique Abilities:
    • Corossive: An unnatural ability of Suusano's flames is the capability to not only burn but erode anything it comes into contact with. Effective when things need to be erased without a trace.

      Current date/time is 22nd November 2017, 5:00 pm