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    Lavinia Botticelli


    Lacey Botticelli

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    Lavinia Botticelli

    Post by Lacey Botticelli on 4th May 2017, 4:13 pm

    Name: Lavinia Botticelli~ Lacey
    Gender: Female
    Age: Eighteen
    Birthday: April 29
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Special Characteristics: Everybody has so many.

    Personality: Brilliant and quick witted, Lacey is strong to her core.  A charming smile and a slightly hysterical and snorting laugh endear her to everybody as she tries to brighten the lives of all around her.  Fiercely protective, she will speak out passionately and try to right any wrongs, but at the same time she is so gentle and would never wish harm on anybody.  Pure hearted as she is, Lacey is not naive in any way and instead just is very discreet when it comes to important and delicate situations.  White lies do happen for her sometimes, as she is not perfect even if she is beautiful, but never, ever would she mean to tell one and it would be so improbable for any major falsehood to spring from her lips.  Although she works hard and tries to put on an optimistic aura for those around her, one of her greatest flaws is letting potentially bad things get power over her and come true.  Alone this can cause lots of hope to be lost, but with reassurance it can be regained.  I would never call Lacey a pessimist, but she is so smart and observant and goal oriented that it's like she's always thinking of all the options to answer the question "What's next?"  Including the bad ones.  But she also thinks, "How do I help now?"  Patience is not her greatest virtue because she values time as something to use.

    In battle she shows an incredible amount of mercy.  Her standards say that she must make sure it is a fair fight for her opponent.  Even though she would rather have both sides be honorable and fight even, regardless of whatever else she will control her own side to get them to be just even if the enemy doesn't care.  Lacey is, I suppose, a realist mixed with some cunning; she knows people often have advantages over her but is willing to work with that and not give up right away.  By no means is she a coward.  She will lead the front line of a battle, but she considers life precious and why does she have the right to take it unprovoked?  Or even provoked.  Protection is different than slaughter, defense different than blood lust.  Life is a tool just like time, to be taken care of and used to improve both the community and the well being of all the world and it's inhabitants.  Lacey would rather surrender than die on the spot because while she lives she had hope, that is her motto; but she wouldn't give up her morals for life on purpose without good reason.  Probably even with good reason.  When it comes to her being the one to come out victorious, she would want to punish any enemy, believing them to have done wrong in her eyes.  Knowing that doing so isn't her place and would be wrong, she would do her best to resist doing so and always attempt to give a vanquished opponent the fairest terms even if she fails to see how it's deserved.  Although note that she is merciful, she is not stupid and would never compromise someone else's safety because of naïve trust that an enemy didn't wish her harm.  To explain a bit how she really is a pragmatist and a dreamer all at once, she acts from her mind but thinks from her heart.  She fights wherever she is needed and conforms to help as much as possible.

    Lacey is a leader among women and men, always doing her best to care for comrades and show as courageous and honorable of an example as she can manage.  She would gladly die for an ally if it meant their safety, but she is also sharp enough to recall at all times if there are also others she might need to protect and take care of.  Her determination to do so and also to save others even at her own risk is quite troubling sometimes and also exasperating, but she had been told of her martyr's tendencies and is working on improving her instincts on reacting suitably to situations.  Part of the reason she can make a great leader is because she is assertive and polite, but intelligent and giggly too.  She talks to strangers with genuine warmth and yet she can be stern sometimes for the sake of getting a point across.  Lacey also is a follower, and she would not seek power if she sees a better alternative to lead.  She follows orders with varying degrees of obedience, depending on the reasoning if any is given, behind the command and whether it seems to be intrinsically wrong.  Most of all, she follows her faith, beliefs, and morals.


    † Ice Skating.  It makes her feel as though life is effortless, moving is effortless, and beauty is effortless.
    † Hugs.  Her life is surrounded by cold and she adores it, but this is to express love not for the sake of warmth.
    † Making Up Words.  In this way, a situation can be better felt and explained.


    † Blood.  It is more than a sign of illness or weakness, it is a sign to Lacey that something is wrong.
    † Stagnancy.  Things don't just automatically change for the better over time, they become stagnant.
    † Thieves.  You can steal more than money or things, you can take reputation, happiness, hope, power, joy... you can take life.


    † Faith.  Although she tries not to be overt with her beliefs, or pushy, Lacey trusts wholly in God.
    † Love.  This is what He is all about.  Unconditional love.
    † Improvement.  This and what it means is a sign that humanity can grow and is good.


    † Condemnation.  Lacey knows it is not her place to say a person's outcome, so she struggles to find a balance between warning someone and playing at judge.
    † Uselessness.  The idea that nothing she can ever do will have an impact.
    † Evil.  She tries to outright reject sin but is still terrified of somehow giving in and turning away.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 125 lbs.
    Hair: Black; long, straight, and thick; typically left down or double braided
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin Tone: Light
    Appearance: Lacey dresses neat and clean, definitely not lavishly.  Her figure is strong and she has very good posture.  There is a writer's callous on the middle finger of her right hand and several on her feet and palms, from riding or skating boots or gripping gymnastics bars.  She is beautiful in a radiant, healthy way, and her favorite color is navy blue with a splash of ivory.  Occasionally she wears glasses.


    Guild: Guildless
    Tattoo: Center of her chest in blue
    Rank: A

    Username change to Lacey Botticelli if you would please.
    Julius Seas

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    Re: Lavinia Botticelli

    Post by Julius Seas on 5th May 2017, 1:49 am


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