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    Post by CoreVall on 3rd May 2017, 9:45 pm

    Name: Corevall
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21 Years Old
    Birthday: 06/16
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: Inverse irises (whites are pitch black and irises glow gold)

    Personality: Nothing very outstanding about Corevall. He grew up as the inheriting son of his mother, Petra, who had lived in their hometown her whole life. His father, however, had quite the opposite life. He traveled frequently and endured many skirmishes and battles, eventually settling back down to travel jobs. He had grown weak and suffered many long-term injuries that would eventually kill him, so he wouldn't end his lifetime suffering. Instead, he would travel around, meet new people, and experience new cultures until he passed away.

    The mage met Petra on a job for the guild, Black Rose. After meeting her, he requested leave from the guild and decided to settle down for the few months he had left to live. In those few months, Petra and him bonded, eventually conceiving a child. However, before Petra's child could break three months, the father passed away. Just a little under seven months later, Corevall was born.

    Corevall grew up in the Desert Village just east of Oak Town. It was there that his mother raised him in a humble home, with very few neighbors and very few kids to play with. Because of that, his mother was the closest to him, the only one he could run to for help. He grew up only knowing her wisdom and her lessons, of which he built his life off of. At age 15, Corevall had become an understanding and loving human being, all thanks to his mother. He helped her with daily chores, constant emergencies, and trivial things, and as the years went on, Petra eventually grew too old to continue working. At the age of 19, Corevall had began taking care of everything, including his aging mother.

    The harsh winds and sandstorms of the Desert Village often forced Corevall to wear a face mask as to keep sand particles from invading his lungs. Petra also wore such a mask, as they were nearly essential for their survival in such a harsh environment.

    At the age of 20, Corevall's and Petra's hometown was attacked by a dark guild who called themselves the "Syndicate." Although he tried to defend his home, Corevall was overpowered and his mother's house was torched down, with her still inside. He tried to rush back in and rescue her, but was stopped short by the falling structure. He suffered a major concussion and was left unconscious on the outskirts of the burning building, his face mask too burnt to protect him from the sand. A sandstorm passed by and suffocated the fire; it nearly suffocated Corevall too. He survived, but not without some serious injuries. His lungs were permanently stained with sand particles, his face was completely scarred from the fire and the sand, and sections of his right arm were missing. Only by the luck of the devil was he found by a traveling peddler, who brought him back to Oak Town and to the attention of a doctor.

    Unfortunately, the sand in Corevall's lungs couldn't be removed. The alternative: A special respiratory mask to convert air into oxygen particles small enough to bypass the sand. As an upside, Corevall could breathe in richer air and hold his breath longer. On the downside though, the only foods he could eat were liquids through a tube in his collarbone.

    To solve the damaged right arm, the doctor amputated it and replaced it with a fully functional prosthetic... with Corevall's permission of course. After that, Corevall was placed into the rehab until he got used to his changes. The process was grueling and hard though, as Corevall was grieving over the loss of his mother. He never fully recovered, and had remained depressed at the fact that he had no more family. That depression turned into rage. Had his mother died of natural causes or old age, Corevall would recover. Petra was killed by "Syndicate" though, by a bunch of thugs. It was unforgivable and forever scarring. After Corevall physically recovered and left the hospital, he began digging for information and resources, starting with who "Syndicate" was, and how he could get a hold of some equipment. This started when Corevall was 21.

    In solo-combat, Corevall is quiet and does no express any emotion... at first. As the battle drags on, he will begin to show more of his anger or his annoyance (depending on the opponent). He focuses on counter moves in hand-to-hand combat, preferring to turn a defensive approach into an offensive one. In dealing with magic though, Corevall will fight with his own magic in an attempt to cancel out any incoming attacks then revert back to hand-to-hand combat.

    Corevall usually fights on his own, but he appreciates fighting on a team, even if his teammates aren't very effective. He'll play as a team player and protect or support in any way he can. As a personal rule, he won't ever harm anyone beyond recovery. If he witnesses any serious harm being done, his PTSD will kick in and he will become unable to fight for a prolonged amount of time.

    As a leader, Corevall tries to remain as valiant and fair as possible, which is sometimes his downfall, because he may refuse to do what has to be done because of cruelty or moral conflict. Following a leader, Corevall likes to speak out very much. Anything he doesn't agree with, he will voice loud and clear. This is a result of his lack of social contact as a child. If the leader's orders match his morals though, Corevall has no problem following them. (927 Words)


    • People: Because of his previous lack of friends, Corevall becomes giddy as a child when he connects to someone.
    • Cold Foods/Treats: For a kid that's lived in the hot desert his entire life, cold dishes are the stuff.
    • Soft Rock: Gentle tracks of clean guitar and vocals are the most calming thing for Corevall. They help him keep a grip on his own well-being.


    • Sushi: Raw fish is more of an acquired taste, one Corevall never really bothered to acquire.
    • Sand: He's lived with it his entire life, but damn it's annoying...
    • His Mask: Although Corevall requires the mask to live, it isn't comfortable.


    • Vengeance: "Syndicate" killed his mother and left him crippled. Corevall couldn't forgive that.
    • Peace: Internal and External, Corevall wants to be at peace, and he wants his mother to be at peace.
    • His Father: Corevall never met his father, never even learned his name.


    • Burning or Suffocating to Death: In Corevall's opinion, the worst ways to die,
      especially considering the fact that it's how his mother died.
    • Disappointing Her: Make mother proud, don't make her death for nothing.
    • Losing More Family: If he makes more family, Corevall will worry that he may lose them too.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'11" / 180 cm
    Weight: 180 lbs / 82 kg
    Hair: Long black hair back in a braided tail
    Eyes: Gold
    Skin Tone: Dark tan
    Appearance: Corevall's build is very toned and muscular for his size. He often wears a desert cloak, white ninja pants, leather sandals, and his respiratory mask while on a job or mission. His casual wear consists of a white long-sleeved shirt, black jeans, and the same leather sandals he wears in combat.


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    Re: Corevall

    Post by Julius Seas on 4th May 2017, 3:03 pm


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