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    Levy Theodore

    Phantom King

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    Levy Theodore

    Post by Phantom King on 2nd May 2017, 6:14 pm

    Name: Levone "Levy" Theodore
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Birthday: 10/31
    Sexuality: Gay
    Special Characteristics Three claw marks on left eye.


    Levone is a rather chill and laid back individual. Being born on the sea with his parents made him realize that not everything needs to be rushed and enjoys his time doing things. These things can range from relaxing with his friends to having to move to another city. Levone takes everything in as a good time, eventually making and doing things for others for him as well. He will see nothing wrong with partying and drinking, inviting others from all over to drink on him. It is known that his very sunny disposition can even turn the most serious person into a carefree, fun individual and have them enjoy partying with him. Levone can tolerate anything done to him, such as hurt him, if it can protest those that he cares about. Meaning he will fling himself in front of a truck if he can push someone he cares for out of the way. He cares for his friends and family deeply, typically asking himself where he would be if he had never met them. Anyone who puts his friends in danger is an immediate target and will not stop till he makes them feel terrible pain. Levone is also a master of making new friends due to him being so friendly, even if you hate him he would probably find a way to make you like him in some kind of way. His friendly nature also keeps him from harming anyone but will do it if the occasion calls for it.

    He is also very blunt and to the point about certain topics, as he thinks that beating around the bush in important topics is unnecessary. He actually kinda of hate fighting, thinking of it as a waste of time when he could easily be drinking with some friends. The only time he will fight if there is a great threat to those around him or to those he cares about. A known weakness is that he hates to fight near people and would like to take the battle to another location or at least have innocents move from his location so they won't be hurt. This at times keeps him from going all out in a battle, which could be deadly in certain situations. When heading into a fight with others, he would not like to lead them, not seeing himself the type to lead others when he is so lazy. On the other hand, he has great leadership qualities and will not display them in most cases.

    Levone loves his life by a code he calls "the freedom code", which means he will travel anywhere and wherever he wants without anything holding him back. This is also why he does not join a guild, he sees them as an anchor to his freedom and will probably never join one for as long as he lives. He thinks of the open waters as his home, as he was born and basically raised on the sea, and will always find comfort in it. If he felt sick, mad, upset, or even when he is happy he will go find and look out into the ocean.


    * Drinking: Its his favorite thing to do, nothing can be better than drinking to him.
    * Guys: he has no shames when admitting that he just likes guys, always has and always will.
    * Open Seas: He was born in the seas and will always love it, it is like home to him.


    * Being Sober: Being sober is no fun to him, he would rather be drunk.
    * Bad guys: They tend to ruin all the fun he has with their "want to be evil" schemes.
    * Hurting friends: Levone hates seeing his friends hurt, it pains him greatly.


    * Being Free: One of his motivations is being free. Being free too him allows him to think life has a lot of things in it and would like to see everything he can before he dies.
    * Mage: Another motivation is to become a great mage and show his parents that he is actually good at something.
    * Better: The last motivation is that he wishes to better himself in a lot of aspects and strives to do so at times.

    * Spiders: Since he was a kid, Levone has had a problem with ants.
    * Dying: He fears dying before he gets to travel everywhere that he wants too.
    * Dead Friends: Seeing someone he cares about scares him more than another, he does not know what would happen if a friend died.

    General Appearance

    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 190 lbs
    Hair: Long; Red
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Skin Tone: Fair


    Levone is always wearing a black cape around his body. Under the cake he wears a unbuttoned, untucked white shirt that leaves most of his chest shown. He wears floral, baggy pants that are cut below he knee and go up halfway to his shin. He also wears light brown, open toes sandals with a red sash around his waist. The most noticed thing about Levone is the scar over his left eye.


    Guild: Guildless
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    Rank: D-rank


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    Re: Levy Theodore

    Post by Raiza on 2nd May 2017, 6:17 pm


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