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    Sala Degaurachaff Directory Empty Sala Degaurachaff Directory

    Post by ZHIEND on 30th April 2017, 11:28 am

    Character App: Sala Degurechaff
    Magic App:White Rabbit Magic

    Missions (Ongoing):
    Bully the Bully

    Missions (Finished):
    Spy Criminal Watch



    [center][font=constantina][size=18][color=#ccffcc][b][i]Character Sala Degurechaff• Rank D • Lamia Scale • The White Rabbit     [/i][/b][/color][/size][/font]

    [color=#ccccff]Whilst this color is how everything else will be written.  
    [color=#ccffcc]"This color indicates Sala is talking out loud"[/color]

    [size=10][i][b]Location;;[/b][/i] Hargeon Town
    [i][b]Muse;;[/b][/i] Pretty good actually
    [i][b]Word Count;;[/b][/i] 375
    [i][b]Tags;;[/b][/i] #UglyFuneral, #DeadCows

    [size=9][i]Template (c) Izayuki[/i][/size][/color][/font][/center]

    Story Arc tidbits:

    @ZHIEND wrote:

    Dr. Ichlug, a prominent scientist working to integrate human technologies, and Mage technologies together. He's responsible for a lot of great strides in society, and is looked upon as a bastion of achievement by the common folk who can't manage to bend reality with a thought. Unfortunately, those who are privy to his private courts know the truth about this strange man. Years spent stealing documents, and research from other scientist. Laying off employees who did nothing wrong merely to motivate over worked factory members, even throwing his own brother under the bus for uncovering a jewel thieving exercise that had been going on. There's a lot of shady things going on in that man's home, a lot of things that Sala always knew she would one day uncover. Not necessarily for the sake of revenge or anything, it's just best that societies so called "hero's" actually be "hero's" in her eyes. Her goal was for the common good, and no one else.


    Sala Theme Songs::

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    White Rabbit Form:


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