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    Seryth Essora - Italian Dandy (C-Rank)

    Seryth Essora

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    Seryth Essora - Italian Dandy (C-Rank)

    Post by Seryth Essora on 30th April 2017, 2:45 am

    Name: Seryth Essora
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Birthday: August 2nd
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics: None

    Personality: Seryth was raised as most members of the Essora were - as an emotionless warrior, having his sadness and joyfulness beat out of him at a very young age as was custom with all of the clan. He was worked to the bone in the fields of valor, training in the skill of many variety of weaponry and martial arts along with those of his age. When he did something wrong, he was beat laboriously with a heavy paddle. When he didn't finish an exercise, there was no meal for that day. The ethos of the Essora family was drilled into his head - Duty before Self, Failure was not an Option, Excellence in Combat. Seryth was an expert with one-handed swords, cleaving axes, and polearms - especially Guisarmes and Poleaxes. this life had a major effect on Seryth, and eventually when he was nine years old he went on his first assignment as part of a mercenary team to protect a caravan from Magnolia to Hargeon. Among with Seryth were two others of his age - a girl named Jenine Essora who provided to be master of the crossbow - and a boy named Alex Essora who had trained with Seryth in one-handed swords. Both were considered friends by Seryth, and both died before his eyes when the assignment turned sour.

    These events shaped the personality of Seryth from a very young age to be the emotionless murderer, however thanks to the intervention of 'the Pantheon' as he calls them Seryth has become less of an emotionless warrior. He is now able to experience a full range of emotions like anyone of his age would be able to, but at the same time he may willingly kill a particular emotion for a set time. The emotionless warrior mask is something that Seryth still holds, however only for when it's necessary. Seryth finds it hard to make friends due to introverted tendencies - seeing it as a futile measure as his friends will only serve to hinder him in the long run, but should anyone prove this wrong to him, they will see another side to him. Seryth has a side to him that is gentle and warm-hearted, he loves to talk about a good book, a story, or tell about an adventure he has experienced. He is a deeply caring individual and can be trusting of others, but people who only trust themselves is a dislike of his. Seryth is motivated by his own failures, believing that the only way to truly grow is by failing at something, noticing your failure, and using that to exceed your previous act of failure.

    In battle Seryth dons the persona of the emotionless warrior with exceptional success, removing any connection that will cause him to lose this perfection over emotions - meaning if a friend is in trouble he will not break from an assault to aid them, perhaps his largest failing. This method of persona is not his greatest strength in battle, however. Should you harm anyone he cares for, you will learn the terror of why he was called 'Godhand Seryth'. A cold anger will sweep through Seryth, emboldening him to kill you relentlessly and without break.

    • History & Historical Re-enactment
    • Reading a good, long book or story
    • An adventurous life-style or going on adventure.


    • Bullies, those who prey on the weak.
    • A story with a bad plot or an adventure that ends badly.
    • People who only trust themselves.


    • Friendship, he will always follow his friends.
    • The Guild, he will always do his best for his guild.
    • Failure the most, that he cannot succeed.


    • Godslayers, they are literally his bane.
    • Those who maim and kill for enjoyment.
    • Demons, he's heard bad stories about them.

    General Appearance

    Height: 6'
    Weight: 196 lbs
    Hair: Short Black Ponytail
    Eyes: Black
    Skin Tone: Light
    Appearance: Standing tall at six foot high, Seryth is a young man with an attractive appearance. His long hair of midnight hue is tied back into a loose ponytail with a red cord, spiked bangs covering his forehead and frames his handsome countenance. Eyes the color of coal belie his keen wit. Seryth is well-built due to a life of training with the sword or polearm, and keeps himself fit by continuing this training when he can. He tends to wear a white dress shirt with a red tie and black dress slacks with dress shoes. At times, he is seen wearing a black cloak with golden trim.


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    Re: Seryth Essora - Italian Dandy (C-Rank)

    Post by Salrynn on 1st May 2017, 11:29 am

    All approved and good to go!


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