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    The Land Where Witches and Wizards Hang


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    The Land Where Witches and Wizards Hang Empty The Land Where Witches and Wizards Hang

    Post by Haru-senpai 28th April 2017, 3:05 am

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    Hera was not pleased with being where she was. She literally was in a suit of armor, from head to toe. Female armor, but still. Armor. She had a longsword, and even a shield to complete the look of a person with no magic. Because she was going to Pergrande, where mages were NEVER welcome. Just being one, or even using anything magical will get you jailed up an executed in any town around the country.

    Why in the world the Neutral Grounds, was even shipping something this far across the world. Not to mention to Pergrande, was beyond her. But she and Taizen had been able to travel peacefully through the other nations, but at Bellum's borders. They had to change into their provided "knight" gear, and sneak through the borders. Since Pergrande and Bellum did not even speak, and anyone crossing the border would be considered an act of war the nations were so hostile with one another.

    After somehow getting into Pergrande, they were on the road when they came across a caravan of people heading in the direction of the town they were going too. They found it suspicious that Hera and Taizen would rather walk alongside the caravan then ride in it. Due to their bad curse of Motion Sickness, she knew if they got on it they would be revealed as users of the lost art of Dragon Slayer magic. Since that old legend still was passed around even through thousands of years. So they simply walked alongside the horses, and carriages.

    "When we get into town....take the box to the listed address...don't attract any attention. There are Paladins everywhere in this town supposedly." she said as they approached in the distance a huge array of buildings, wrapping up behind a large stone wall with torches a blaze. The gates would open with a loud boom as Hera and Taizen made their way inside of town. "Go, I'll wait here at the gate for you." Hera said putting one hand on her hip in her platemail. "Don't keep me waiting......and please be safe." Hera said, mostly because being in this place made her feel like she was surrounded by enemies. Which she was...good thing they were undercover. As soon as Taizen was back, they would leave without delay.


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    The Land Where Witches and Wizards Hang Empty Re: The Land Where Witches and Wizards Hang

    Post by Taizen 28th April 2017, 6:27 pm

    Taizen slightly swung his steel longsword in a circular arc. He actually enjoyed wielding this knightly stuff, it reminded him of the stuff that his father used to tell him about the old times, and how there were only weapons to fight with. He gave it a nice clean swing, the swish of the air pleasing to his ears. The male naturally spun the blade around and placed it in a sheath on his back. Sure, he was feeling sweet because of the sweet armor and blade he had equipped, but this place just felt, and smelled of death. As Hera began to speak, his attention was focused solely on her and not the eery place. He gained great respect for the H-Rank mage, she had gone through such hard struggles in her life and this was how she turned out. She was four years younger than him and stronger than he could even imagine. He wanted to be like her, he wanted to be as strong as she was.

    He came back into conscience as she told him she'd wait at the gate for him. "I won't keep you waiting for me Hera, I'll be right back." With that, he took the parcel and began to walk quite quickly. The White Dragon Slayer could feel the gaze of many strong fighters on him, but he didn't pay them any attention, he was focused on the mission completely. The man quickly delivered the packet and met Hera back at the gate, "It's over and done with. Let's get out of this place, it's giving me the creeps." He'd walk with her, ready for anything else to come their way.


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