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    Post by Fluffy on 25th April 2017, 4:17 pm

    Name: Fluffy
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15-16
    Birthday: November 15th  
    Sexuality: Undetermined, but 100% has a preference for Narcissistic/Over Confident/Cocky characters.
    Special Characteristics: She was turned into a Kasha right before the start of the story which are the final form of bake/mata neko’s of Japanese folklore. Due to this, she must eat the fresh corpses of sinners, though in the absence of these a rare type of venomous snake will temporarily suffice. She can eat other things, but those two are the most effective nourishment. Shapeshifting is elaborated in my magic

    You know the main female character of an anime or story that is there and clearly the main character but clearly useless without every other character? The kind that becomes a damsel in distress at the right moment, or right there to catch the main hero’s when they fall, the stay at home who comes out with everyone. Some would describe Fluffy as this sort of person because as she stands on her own she is very generic the sort of girl one would expect to catch doing the grocery shopping after school and then heading home, or going to the arcade with friends before heading home. Even if she ends up in a story can’t move along without her? She comes off as entirely replaceable within it, her importance being circumstantial to whatever situation everyone is in. Fluffy is not a strong nor very present character on her own regardless of which form she takes because the spot light is not something she seeks.

    However that says little for her, doesn’t it? So let's move onto the traits she actually possesses. Fluffy’s defining begins with her Kasha form the Youkai driven to hunt the corpses or souls of those who have sinned. Due to her species, this girl is very wary of anyone she believes to have committed crimes during their life because she knows if they die she will be inexplicably driven to devour their corpse. While she strives to experience new things to collect information that will help accomplish her goals, she also disdains contact with others because of the risk it incorporates. Instead, she prefers to observe people and eavesdrop on their conversations because by doing this she can lessen the risk she will try to devour them if something suddenly unfortunate takes place. Fluffy comes off as entirely feline in this form, a loyal companion to those who own her as she will attack an intruder, but also an aloof existence that enjoys time to itself. This kitty rarely questions the people she has deemed that she can trust nor rejects a way to venture around the world in search of information no one else knows she's seeking.

    The problem is that Fluffy is actually innately a very nice girl the kind to give candy to a crying child. Thus as she watches people in her feline form? The kasha grows attached to them and desires a closer bond she can not achieve both due to the difference in body and her own fear of devouring a friend once more. However, the attachment she forms is a force that could eventually drive her to shift forms if those she is close to ever fall into danger suddenly and she can not help in her feline form. In spite of her reluctance to accept her new life, Fluffy will without a second doubt even reveal her humanoid form to come to the aid of her allies if they require it. Most of the time, however, she is happy pretending to be a mere feline in spite of feeling guilty over it sometimes.

    In terms of things like how this affects her in combat or the dilemma of if she is a leader or follower? Fluffy is no different from the loyal companions you always see beside mages a feline who most often simply follows her guild mates. When in battle she is a loyal fast thinking ally who also often serves as someone's mount as well.

    ★ New experiences will help her collect information on the whereabouts of the two people she is trying to track down, so she likes it.
    ★ Fluffy’s favorite food is a nice warm fish that has been cooked just right, roasted over an open fire until it's both tender and chewy.
    ★ High conflict areas became something that draws her after the transformation since she is pushed to harvest sinful souls and there is an excess of those in conflict/war-torn locations.

    ★ Water is the bane of her existence because not only is she a feline, her magic is fire based making water her worst enemy.
    ★ Things that can be associated with laboratories make her rather uncomfortable for reasons she does not know.
    ★ Someone taking away food she was enjoying is something that no one should ever attempt.

    ★ Perhaps the biggest Motivation in her life is to find some way that she can become a human once more and go back to normal life.
    ★ On the chance she can never become human again, Fluffy wishes to learn how to control her Kasha powers properly.
    ★ Due to being Kasha she is inexplicably driven to hunt down people who have sinned in their life and steal their corpse upon their death.

    ★ Izayuki/Tanuki’s/Youkai terrify her due to the final event that happened when she hunted with the onmyouji group.
    ★ Going to sleep/Dreaming, she is a latent psychic which causes her to have weird dreams sometimes, namely when she is in some form of danger or exposed to the paranormal  
    ★ Monsters and uncontrollable animals in her past she believed they belonged in cages or put down, now she is one of these creatures.

    General Appearance

    Human Shell/Humanoid Youkai: 5 foot 4 inches
    Small Kasha: 1 foot tall
    Large Kasha: nearly 6 feet.

    Human Shell/Humanoid Youkai: 130 pounds
    Small Kasha: 8 pounds
    Large Kasha: 240 pounds.

    Human Shell: Short and Brown
    Humanoid Youkai: Short and Ginger
    Small Kasha/Large Kasha: Pale creamish fur with black markings.

    Human Shell: Brown
    Humanoid Youkai/Small Kasha/Large Kasha: Red

    Skin Tone:  
    Human Shell/Humanoid Youkai: Cream
    Small Kasha/Large Kasha: Milky-Paler

    Human Shell: Young girl of roughly 15 years old whose appearance is very plain with dark brown hair and muddy eyes, often dressed in generic earth-toned clothing.
    Humanoid Youkai: Young girl of roughly 15 years old with ginger hair and crimson eyes, occasionally sports neko ears/tail or paws. White dress is most common clothing.
    Small Kasha: a small twin tailed cat who is very fluffy with distinctive black markings across cream fur.
    Large Kasha: An exact copy of the smaller form, only she is much larger and has sabered fangs.


    Guild: Golden Phoenix
    Tattoo: Her tattoo starts as this tag on a collar or ribbon Golden Phoenix puts around her neck when she is found, the tag is the guild’s emblem. After she loses this collar IC the guild places a mark on her ‘chest’ area where the tag used to sit.  
    Rank: D

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    Re: Fluffy

    Post by Julius Seas on 26th April 2017, 11:24 am



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