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    Butcher butchered


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    Butcher butchered Empty Butcher butchered

    Post by Kuro 25th April 2017, 3:24 pm

    Butcher butchered Noname1

    Marianna Guildless D-Rank

    It almost seemed as if Marianna was getting known for the kind of work she was doing. While the reality was different and this being a mere coincidence, the vampire was now indeed walking the streets of Hargeon town, once more tasked to kill another living being. But this time, it was not something issued by a shady individual from a dark guild, something that would tarnish her reputation by the mere fact of accepting it.

    No, this job was quite different in that sense. It was issued by the city guards themselves, as they became incapable of hunting down a loose murderer. Oh, how amusing was the thought of that. Just as incompetent as she thought humans to be, as they were incapable of even hunting down one of their own. Oh well, at least this should provide some entertainment if nothing else. After all, she was hunting down a murderer. So unlike her last assassination contract, the victim should fight back this time.

    It would most likely not be much, considering how weak humans generally were. But small amounts of fun are better than none at all. So here she was, lurking by the docks of this city as if she too was some kind of a low-life. Though her appearance certainly did not match such status, as she was rather well kept. The beauty she boasted was something she treasured and wished not to trade away for anything after all. Even the heavy leather coat was missing this time too in the hopes of attracting the murderer to the larger amount of exposed skin.

    Perhaps such tactic would not work however, as he was in fact just a murderer and not a rapist. Still, feeling the gentle wind blowing against her skin through the thin layer of cloth was pleasant at least to some extend. Jumping down to one of the lower sections, a small side-walk by the water's surface, she finally sensed something out of the norm. A presence trying to hide in the shadows, it's efforts rendered futile by the supreme senses that the vampire possessed. Night was her domain and no matter how hard he would try, there was simply no way to change that fact.

    "Feel free to come out. I am not here to play hide and seek. I am sure you want it too... to bathe in blood."

    Few seconds past and a new figure finally approached from behind a corner. Man of a large presence, at lest body-wise. As far as murderers go, this was was painfully normal and perfectly ordinary among other things. Even wielding a bloodied cleaver in his hand, there was probably not much more he could do to become even more generic of a villainous character. But that too was fine, for he would not be able to draw his breath for much longer. His panting obnoxious to the girl, she decided that they would not dance for very long.

    To her surprise, he was the one to move first, charging at her with his weapon and taking a swing. Completely predictable and lacking in speed, there was absolutely no problem avoiding it. And as counter strike, the girl performed a powerful palm attack, surely shattering at least few of his ribs. He hit the wall behind him with a load thud and coughed out some of his own blood before falling to the ground, motionless. Was that truly all it took to take this infamous butcher and miner down? How disappoint.

    "Humans will never stand on top of the food chain after all it seems. This being the best you can do, perhaps you should have not even been born in the first place."

    Feeling robbed of her enjoyment, Marianna turned her back to the body and decided it was probably not even worth her time bringing it back to the guards and should instead call them here. But it was not quite over yet. The man was smarter than he looked, as he feigned it all. But no matter how quietly he tried to get up like that, she would still hear him just fine. After all, they were the only two currently out of their homes in this section of the city.

    But just to humor him, she allowed the incoming strike to land. He clearly wanted to behead her, as the blade buried into her neck, but did not go too far. Instead, it was stopped by the very blood that it drew. Black blood, creeping all over the weapon and soon the man's hand as well. Screams echoed through the empty streets as he stumbled back holding his dominant hand, the weapon fallen to the ground. He stood no chance after all as the blood was formed into small blades, cutting apart all of his fingers.

    In order to end this charade, she drew her weapon now as well. And with a single precise swing, she did what he could not. Soon his, head rolled down the pavement, drenched in the pool of his own blood, a shallow moist grave. They were paying more for bringing him back alive, but the girl could not care less. Grabbing his detached head, she made right towards the closest guard outpost.

    It was hard to even properly describe the terror that formed in their eyes as they saw the head suddenly placed on their table, female that brought it covered in blood and demanding her reward. They almost drew their own swords at her, failing to realize that the body part belonged to the famed Jacob Goodnight at first. They were quite reluctant, but their murderer was gone and it had to be rewarded. Though there was no doubt that they looked at Marianna with shifty eyes as she left the building, satisfied from a contract fulfilled.

    Perhaps a question creeped into their minds as well. Was this really what they could expect from hiring mages in this city, more gruesome and swift bloodshed? Impression of one could affect many, yet the vampire still did not care. She felt above consequences of this world. And with the money in her pockets, she felt accomplish as well, closer to regaining more of her powers even if the fight she just went through was not as satisfactory as she had hoped it to be.

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