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    Buying a Child Back For Mom


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    Buying a Child Back For Mom Empty Buying a Child Back For Mom

    Post by Haru-senpai 24th April 2017, 4:28 pm

    Job Sheet:

    Job Title: Slavery problem in Bellum
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Must be at least D-Rank; Own a passport
    Job Requirements:5 posts. 100 words per post or a single post of 500+ words
    Job Location: Bellum
    Job Description: Theres a minor well... not minor, but rather very major problem with Bellum that involves slaves. The job however is minor scale in comparison. This job comes from a few residents in Bellum that couldn't dare ask their own country to stop the slavery and to abolish it. No, instead they turned to Fiore's own mages for help with this incident. Except this is fairly small. Due to Bellum enslaving all non-magical beings, those that are born without magic typically get abducted by someone with magic, and sold into slavery. Well, this doesn't always sit right with parents. In this scenario, two parents have hired you to release their child from slavery and to bring them back to them so they may escape Bellum as a family. Your job in this is short and sweet. The slave trade is going on, simply buy the child, money is nothing as the parents are fairly wealthy, but theres a problem, they don't want to be seen buying slaves, as they are trying to flee to a country that sees that as a huge problem. Although you can always find your own way to try and get the child out of slavery, just be warned those in charge are A-rank in strength & there are many of them. Good luck.
    Enemies: roughly 10+ A-rank in strength fully powerful mages. Do not try to engage without being a proper rank to do such.
    Reward: normal xp & 2k jewels

    It was a sad day in Hera's mind. But a happy one too. She was out of the country, with her guildmate. Taizen. A young man around her age; well she was 16, and never asked how old he was. They were in the nation of Bellum; a nation where mages and wizards treated those without magic as second class citizens.

    Literally, unlike Fiore with a thirty percent magic population. This place had almost a one hundred percent population of people born with magic. Even in the streets of the town they were in today, they walked by seeing all sorts of mistreatment of people. At first, it just looked like people being mean to random people. But then Hera realized after her Exceed, Rose pointed out repeatedly that they were slaves to the people being mean to them.

    Their job today was simple. Someone's daughter had never come home, and then the next week or so had an add put up for that same girl on the local market to purchase as a servant.

    "It's sick and scary that we have to buy back an eleven year old girl...and even worse that if you're born without magic you're pretty much doomed to a crappy life...." Rose said about the countries politics as she sat on Hera's shoulder in the large crowd. Looking over to Taizen, she looked him up and down. He was handsome, but also seemed to have some REALLY good manners, which she found cute. "Hey Taizen, are you sure you're up for this?" Rose said, swishing her tail again and raising an eyebrow at him from Hera's shoulder.

    "He'll be fine leave him be.....look there she is." Hera turned to Taizen and handed him a bag of jewels. Pointing to the scared looking girl who cried as she walked on stage to be sold. "Outbid everyone else, and let's get this girl back to her family." Hera said, noticing the guards looked like pretty strong mages as she pointed at the stage where they stood to take bids. If they tried anything...well...let's just say Hera would make this crowd hot. Hopefully, this went off peacefully. But that depended on Taizen.


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    Buying a Child Back For Mom Rose


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    Buying a Child Back For Mom Empty Re: Buying a Child Back For Mom

    Post by Taizen 24th April 2017, 4:55 pm

    Taizen was having a sort of mixed day. He was out on the town with his guildmate, Hera. She was quite attractive, to be honest. This place was legit trash. Everyone here seemed to have conflicting emotions, and everyone here was a huge jerk. They all yelled at their slaves and Taizen had to look down so Hera couldn't see the anger etching on his face. Once she spoke his head shot up, and turned to her with a small smile, it was to say he was okay, "I know what you mean Hera. This is all messed up. I can't accept the fact that our world is like this. If I wasn't up for this I'd be as horrible as all the scum on the street here," the boy said angrily.

    He took a deep breath, in through the nose, and out of the mouth. "Yeah, I'm ready." As he saw the girl crying, he felt his heart clench. No child should ever suffer like this. As people started bidding, he remembered how much money was in this sack. He yelled out, "10,000 Jewels!" Everyone looked towards him with a scowl. Soon they started bidding again, it only reached 15,000 Jewels, and he bid 20,000 Jewels. Everybody else dropped out, and Taizen walked up to the stage and picked up the girl gently.

    She cried even louder, trying to hit him. The first few punches and scratches hurt, but once he had gotten outside he gently set her down. She tried to run but he placed his hand firmly on her shoulder, and looked into her eyes, "Don't worry darling. We're going to get you back to your mother, and out of this horrible place." She stopped crying and raised an eyebrow. Taizen reached into his pocket and pulled out a napkin, drying her tears. "Hold on darling, let's get you home." He picked her up bridal style once again and reached her mother who was a few miles away. He handed her off and gave her a big hug, "Good luck you two." He then started to walk back to the airport with Ezra trailing behind.

    "Thanks for taking me out on this mission Ezra, I'd be glad to go out with you again," He nodded towards her and continued on his way. The boy cringed when she couldn't see him, she had such a bad history, he wished he could help.


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