Trial of Ancients


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    Trial of Ancients

    Post by Noheme on 23rd April 2017, 4:10 pm

    Job Title: Trial of Ancients
    Rank: 100Y
    Player Requirements: Noheme has to be present, all guardians have to aknowledge her power
    Job Requirements: At least 17000 words
    Job Location: Earthland ; Joya
    Job Description: Joya is a tribal nation covered in thick vegetation. Not possessing anything that could be called army and only guarded by the natural barriers, it might be quite surprising that this land was not conquered by other more power-hungry ones in the past. One of the reasons Joya still stands today are the guardians that used to roam its jungles, protecting the entirety of the nation. Beasts and creatures that grew more powerful than all others. But these are no more, as only their souls hidden within the soil remain.

    However, a new possible guardian was born several years ago. A girl that was possessed by a god-like entity named Noheme. And now, she has to return to this nation, embrace her duty to at least some extend. But before the guardians let her properly have all of the power they once wielded, she has to conquer their trials.

    Iris was said to be one of the most beautiful harpies and their leader for the longest time. However, she never wished to truly lead her people as she was more of a solitary creature. For that reason, she often traveled into the Joyan jungle where she could remain alone. However, she encountered a great man-hunting beast one day trying to attack powerless tribalists. After defeating the beast with nearly no effort at all, people started pleading her to become the new guardian. She was swayed by their pleas and agreed, now becoming the leader of harpies as well as guardian of Joya. As one of the great ancient guardians, she will challenge Noheme and her allies in various ways.

    Aileen was a kind dragon that descended onto the jungles of Joya one day, only to remain in this nation for the rest of her life, guarding it. Force of dragons is one to be expected, as can be confirmed by the existence of dragon slayers, wielders of magic specifically designed to slay these mighty creatures. However, the Earth dragon of Joya never provided any reasons for that, as she only wished to save those that managed to survive in the sometimes merciless jungle of Joya. As they respected her as their guardian deity, she too respected them back for their determination and perseverance. And until her last breath, she shielded those that could not defend themselves with her own scales, dying happy as she knew that she did all she could to help those in need. Some call her foolish for something like that, but others know that even creatures like dragons often merely wish to have a role within this world that can be their own. As one of the great ancient guardians, she will challenge Noheme and her allies in various ways.

    Undine is a mythical creature that one day appeared in the water of Joya, swimming in the greatest of rivers and hunting even the largest of fishes. Once the fisherman noticed this, they started gathering hunters from various huntress that would band together to hunt down this unknown thread that was making their main supply of food at the time dwindle. However, no matter how many showed up, they were eventually all defeated by this unknown beast which appeared humanoid but bestial enough to not be anywhere near human. But it never took anyone’s live to everyone’s surprise, which eventually lead to one of the tribal priestesses trying to communicate with this being. Turned out that was actually a viable tactic as the Undine named Kaya was more than willing to talk. And in the end, a deal was made. For a steady supply for fish to feed her, she would use her powers to protect the jungle where they all lived. She was certainly powerful enough for something like that. As one of the great ancient guardians, she will challenge Noheme and her allies in various ways.

    Visor, a great wolf that came from the Abyssal void. A beast of power that often cannot even be imagined by mere mortals, creature that had enough force to wipe the entirety of Joya from the map of Earthland. But he did not do so. Instead, he simply found himself a nice place in the Jungle where he started resting without a worry in the world. His ghastly appearance forced fright into the hearts of local civilization, but as time went on, even they realized that this wolf did not mean them any harm. So instead, the priests and priestesses approached the terror and ask him if he would be willing to serve as a guardian of this nation. He merely scoffed at the offer, but never left and in the end, he accepted without even knowing it by defending the place that he loved, for it was perfect for naps. It is without a doubt that Visor was the strongest of all guardians that ever were present in Joya, a soul that easily retained it’s ego and power even after his physical body perished. It is also said that he was the first ever guardian to die from an old age, as no one ever managed to actually defeat him, or even bring him to the edge of losing. As one of the great ancient guardians, he will challenge Noheme and her allies in various ways.

    Reward: 150k Jewels


    Madame Astrid

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    Re: Trial of Ancients

    Post by Madame Astrid on 23rd April 2017, 5:50 pm


    Now she knows she'll never be afraid


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