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    Larkspur Delphinium [Done]


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    Larkspur Delphinium [Done]

    Post by Lark on 22nd April 2017, 8:57 am

    Name: Larkspur Delphinium (Lark)
    Gender: Female
    Age: Teens
    Birthday: 02.30
    Sexuality: ??
    Special Characteristics: Her left eye is glass. Photographic memory.

    Personality: Lark isn't exactly what you'd call the most bright light bulb in the chandelier (hey, it's better than sharpest tool in the box) but that mostly stems from her inability to be observant unless you shout the obvious into her face. She loves to do people favors and help anyone out that she can get her hands on, but it's more of a condescending 'take care of them like a pet' kind of feeling that she has towards them. After all, caring for others is just a part of her Rules of Interaction, which are basically commandants given to her by her foster mother that the blonde follows with only one exception. That is, when she gets manipulated into going against her morals (which would otherwise be strict). If you ever do this to Lark and she finds out later, better run because she'll come after you and murder your a*s if it's the last thing she can do. In fact, I'm sure she keeps a list of the people who have wronged her... the girl really does hold a fantastic grudge. Anyways, aside from that she tries her best to be pious and nice to everybody, but she's rather inconsistent with it because she doesn't intrinsically want to be friendly and kind. It's just part of the Rules.

    In battle, she is as honorable as she can get until she thinks that her opponent has broken the Rules, in which case all bets are off and the fight will get dirtier than toilet water. She tries to stay at the back line if it's a team kind of thing, because she's not exactly brave (even if I wouldn't go so far as to call her a coward). Basically, she sorely does not want to die and that's really just about it. One of her favorite things to do is take walks in the park right after a slaughter in order to let the blood on her dry in the sun, but I promise she's not sadistic... just a little bit silly? Is that an applicable word here? Oh well, anyways, Lark also hates it if people call her by her full name. It reminds her both of her past and of what she's lost, as well as the wretched mother who imposed all these Rules of Interaction on her.

    Speaking of which, she does respond to authority surprisingly well and in fact cowers under it as long as there's a continuous reminder that someone else has more power than her. That's because of her past and always giving way under whatever her foster mother said. However, if she realizes that the leader commanded her to do something she didn't like (knowing this later on, that is) she'll erupt into a rage and come after them. Of course. And when she's actually the leader, she's irresponsible and will stay at the back of the fight as much as her position can allow her. Although, don't mistake that for Lark being cowardly or fearing pain or injury. She is not only slightly masochistic as well as sadistic, but she also feels it's her responsibility in life to make people follow the Rules and therefore can't go off into the Netherland too soon.

    #{Disasters} They always have people requiring help, and...

    #{Helping People} Lark loves helping people out. In any way they need her, she'll be there if she can.

    #{Orders} Definitely a follower rather than a leader, Lark doesn't mind being told what to do.

    #{Slimy Bas**rds} She hates anybody who will lie to her and wiggle their way through life. This includes manipulation.

    #{Oathbreakers} Probably the worst sin in her book, is to go back on your word.

    #{Red} The color just is unnerving to her. Blood isn't even supposed to be red in her opinion.

    #{The Light} She wants to spread it and make sure that everyone lives apart from darkness.

    #{Her Eye} Lark wants to recover her eye that she lost so long ago, or find a way to replace it for real.

    #{The Rules of Interaction} She follows something called the rules of interaction, which basically dictate all relationships she has with people. Lark considers it her duty in life to make sure that everyone is aware of these and follows them as well.

    #{Charisma} Because she is so scared of being manipulated but at the same time is extremely vulnerable to it, she stays away from people who she thinks are charismatic.

    #{Storms} Lightning is cool and all, but the way thunder rattles her teeth just sets Lark on edge.

    #{Extreme Climates} Any kind of environment that she's not vaguely familiar with, will upset her, be it the kind from Iceberg or the ones from Desertio.

    General Appearance

    Height: 4'11"
    Weight: 85 lbs.
    Hair: Golden, with a zig zag part and curled at the ends
    Eyes: Reddish
    Skin Tone: Light
    Appearance: Lark is often seen smiling, but it can be weird sometimes because her left eye is glass and has trouble tracking speakers as well as her right. Her clothing basically consists of this black and yellow dress sort of thing, with long sleeves and a stiff collar; the bottom of the front is yellow, while the rest of the outfit is black. Her hair is almost never seen up. As for body type, she is skinnier than usual but mostly because of the wiry kind of muscle she has under her clothing.


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    Re: Larkspur Delphinium [Done]

    Post by Julius Seas on 22nd April 2017, 9:21 am


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