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    BABY STEPS ★ solo, job

    Shiori Saikawa

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    BABY STEPS ★ solo, job Empty BABY STEPS ★ solo, job

    Post by Shiori Saikawa 20th April 2017, 11:32 am

    BABY STEPS ★ solo, job WIjlryD

    Vesta Guildless D-Rank

    Helping a baby learn to walk, seemed easy enough, it was a job she saw in the paper while looking for a good restaurant to eat at, at Leon’s request. They were willing to pay 500j for it, which would be nice, better having more money then less. Plus it didn’t sound that hard, she called using her iLac while eating with the small magical lion creature. She was told to be at said address at the crack of dawn tomorrow, and finish the job at noon otherwise no pay. They seemed a bit strict, but I guess they were getting a bit irritated that their child couldn’t walk yet. So if they can’t do it in that many hours, might as well fire them and get someone else. So the young witch took the job, if she succeeded she would get money and thanks, and she wouldn’t get anything if she failed so not really a win win situation, but not too bad either. Plus little babies were cute and she loved to hang around them. Even if most people found them annoying, she didn’t, plus she didn’t mind taking care of children. So why not.
    A little while before the sun started to rise, Vesta arrived at the house, with a sleepy lion on her backpack she gently knocked the door. She listened to the footsteps as a person walked over and opened the door for her ”Hello, I’m Vesta Sartaq, I called you yesterday?” she said slightly uncertain if this was the person she talked to on the phone. The woman looked at her a few seconds then responded "Ah yes, Miss Sartaq, come in" she said, stepping out of the way so she could enter "I'm glad you could come, information is on the fridge and if you need anything my nephew is staying in a room down the hall. But please don't bother him if you don't need to" she said grabbing her coat and putting it on, she grabbed her bag "Yes of course Mrs. Adams" she replied, stepping into the house and out of the way of the way of the young mother and father as the two of them got ready. The father gave his child a kiss on the head before taking him out of his arms and giving them to Vesta to hold. And soon enough they were out the door. Letting out a sigh, the young girl go right to work. Walking into the living room she set down the little boy on the floor and he started to giggle and crawl about.
    Vesta sat down on her knees, would rather cross her legs, but isn't very ladylike whilst wearing a skirt. She stood the baby up and tried to urge them to walk, but they didn't try to walk and they promptly sat on their behind. She probably had tried similar strategies for an hour but to no prevail, why didn't this child want to walk? Then Sol woke up from where the witch set him on the couch. He lazily floated up from his seat and yawned "Where can a lion get some food around here" his long tail dangled down as he looked around before floating over to the fridge. The little boy saw the little magical feline float around, and turning away from his teacher to crawl over to Leon. Once he reached the fridge he used it as a stable hold to help him stand. An idea sparked in the witch's brain when she saw this little scene play out. He would stand trying to grab Sol Leonis, so would he walk? Might as well try it out, she had nothing to lose.
    When she did it worked, Leon floated around, his wings flapping to keep him in air just high enough so the baby could almost reach his tail if he stood up. He ate and laughed at the baby's futile attempts to try and grab him. Though in his teasing his tail got yanked down cause he floated to low. He yelped, dropping the food he was holding because of being yanked to the ground, Vesta laughed. By noon she got the child so he would walk on his own even without Leon floating around him, I guess finally realizing that it's easier to reach things when walking on his feet. Also doing other things, like climbing, which he failed to do every time he tried, but it really opened the baby's horizons. Then the time came and the parents came home, they saw him stumble a few steps over to him before grabbing onto the mother's leg and giggling "H-how?" the mother asked, confused. The nine year old explained her day taking care of the child, not even needing to get the boy for help. They thanked her and payed her for her services. She stayed for lunch which made Leon very happy, but then left happy that she was able to accomplish her given task.

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