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    Shiori Saikawa

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    Post by Shiori Saikawa 19th April 2017, 12:21 pm

    TO EARTHLAND AND BEYOND ★ solo, job WIjlryD

    Vesta Guildless D-Rank

    The young girl skipped the streets of magical shopping district, so many stores showing off their different selections of clothes, shoes, pastries, candies, toys, and so and so forth, through large windows that held the shop’s name on it. Or a sign above the window or door. There were so many places to go shop Vesta could barely imagine actually shopping here, it seemed like it would be quite the delight to do so. She did love a lot of the thing they were selling, but I guess that was the point. They put the most tempting things within the obvious view of potential customers, it really helps drag them in. Everything is so nice that they don’t care that they are paying for very overpriced items. Later they then regret it due to how much money they spent on things they really didn’t want to begin with. Tricks of the market I suppose. But shopping is not why the little lady was in Rose Garden on this nice spring afternoon, where the sun shined down pleasantly upon the bustling city and a cool breeze blew through keeping the temperature at a rather comfortable medium. No, she was here to get a passport, so she would be able to travel outside of Fiore to the other places that this wonderful world held within it. And even to other planets, she heard she could go to if she got this little thing. Never knew a little booklet could be of such importance.
    After a nice long while adventuring through the city, enjoying the sights of the different shops as she passed by, she arrived at some sort of office building. Here it was, the place she would get her ticket to being able to go all over the world. Oh how fun it would be. With a confident little huff she adjusted her hair, fixing the small pigtails that held only a little of her light brown hair. Brushing off herself, she pushed open the door to something she should’ve been expecting. Dread settled over the young witch as she now realized the situation she had gotten herself into. The small building was packed way above it’s legal persons limit, people were shouting in annoyance, or just so they could hear themselves. She heard crying of children and maybe a couple of adults. Vesta swallowed nervously as she looked to where the end of the line was. When she realized she was at the end of the line, which zigzagged all around the room. Sweat droplets formed on her face, it was starting to feel rather hot in the cramped space.
    The witch deduced that it would take well over the rest of the day to finally get her turn, not accounting for all the people that would try and push ahead and forcefully push her back a couple spaces. She was nine, she wasn’t that patient at all, and no way she was going to end up like all the other kids her age that were crying and begging their parents to take them home. Usually she was rather selfless, but in this situation she was just going to try and get out of their as fast as she could. A child’s greed I suppose. She was tiny, she she figured she could easily get through all the people without being to noticed. So that she did. Letting out a breath of air from her lungs, she followed it by taking a deeper breath before moving into the fray. With effort she squeezed through people’s legs, apologizing and saying ‘excuse me’ every time someone cussed at her or did something else in an irritated manner. A couple of times people grabbed her, yelled at her and yanked her back. Their harshness left a bruise on her small delicate arm. Though whenever she ran into those people she went around a different way. It wasn’t as easy as I’m making it sound through this text. Her feet and toes hurt from getting them stepped on so much, she was glad she decided to wear closed toe shoes today. Along with more of her body due to people running into her, she was sweaty and disheveled. But eventually she made her goal, still took maybe well over thirty minutes of maneuvering to get there, but way better then what it was going to be.
    When she heard one of the clerks of the desk shout in an gruff and annoyed tone, she walked up to the counter and placed her hands on the desk. A smile of accomplishment shown on her fair skinned complexion. She was ushered into the back where she was interviewed, her picture was taken and then they let her out through the back entrance. She left saying thank you to them, but they just basically shoved her out of their. Could’ve gone better, but then it could’ve gone worse. She opened up the little book known as a passport, getting all giddy she giggled in delight. Closing the book she put it into her carry-on backpack. Then she happily walked back into the streets, maybe to do some window shopping.

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