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    Noriko Gijutsu

    Minerva Salvatore

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    Noriko Gijutsu

    Post by Minerva Salvatore on 17th April 2017, 7:25 pm

    Noriko Gijutsu

    Name: CPU // Noriko Gijutsu
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Birthday: April 12th
    Sexuality: Asexual/Biromantic
    Special Characteristics:

    • Sometimes wears a TV on her head... Don't ask.

    Personality: Noriko, also known as CPU, is a child prodigy. For her young age she is very smart, easily outdoing collage professors and scientists by a landslide. From doing long and complicated equations in her head within record time to defusing a bomb there really seems to be nothing she can't do. This high intelligence does not come without its downfalls, however. Being so smart Noriko was often outcasted by others due to it, everyone feeling like they simply just weren't on the same level as her and therefore unwanting to take the time to know her. This has caused her to form strange ideas of social interactions within her mind to fill the gaps, but prefers to be alone most of the time. She can often be cold and logical about most things, almost like a computer. But other times she can be seen as 'weird' only because no one has bothered to teach her otherwise. She does not know how to communicate right, and can be seen as rude when she does things because she just thinks that's how it's supposed to be. This does not mean she hates people, however. In fact, she wishes to understand them more, so often times she will force herself to observe them in order to gain more knowledge in hopes that one say she can join them. But always, she does prefer technology over people. She can easily program a robot to fit her needs, but cannot do so as a human. She sees machines as perfect, absolute, where as in humans there are many imperfections. Maybe that is why she wishes she could be a robot herself, or maybe she is already one. A being with a robotic exterior, and a human interior.
    In battle Noriko is rather good. Learning the best type of fighting moves and magic (and playing enough Street Fighter) she is very skilled and should be known as a tough opponent. She often relies on her own gadgets to do most of the work for her. However, she is also very good at hand to hand combat, something weird for a shut-in like herself. She strikes with powerful fists and resists a good amount of damage using her body. The only thing she really lacks is speed and energy. Not getting out much Noriko doesn't have a lot of stamina, and will often have to fight fast and powerful before she runs out of energy... Which happens a lot. Within the first few minutes of a fight her energy depletes very quickly. Though have some sort of food nearby and it weirdly seems to energize her back into shape.

    Under a leader Noriko would shine her brightest. She could assist everyone with knowledge and make sure everyone has a proper plan in stall behind the scenes, helping in any way she could. As a leader, she would also be fine. Yet again using her wisdom she would be sure to drive everyone to victory by outsmarting the enemy, even if she isn't the best communicator. Brain over brawn, as they say.


    • Technology: Anything that has wires and goes beep boop. Especially computers, she adores tearing them apart.
    • Dissecting: Not so much humans as just tech, because she likes to see how they work.
    • Ramen: It's easy and quick to make.


    • Ilacs: She doesn't like to talk about it... Bad memories.
    • Turnips: How can people eat them? Too earthy and bland...
    • Heat: It overheats her. Like a computer.


    • Inventing: What inventor doesn't like to invent? She could do it all day.
    • Music: Noriko works best while listening to music.
    • Learning: She absolutely loves learning about everything and anything.


    • Viruses: Though easy to get rid of they are rather t͏̸̴͝ŕ̢o͟͢͠҉͏ų̶́͜b̷͞l̸̀͠e̢҉̢ş͜͟͏o͜͞m̨̧͢͝e͜͏̵͘͟ ̨͞.
    • Germs: Noriko is quite the germaphobe.
    • Messes: If everything gets too cluttered how is she supposed to find anything?

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 118 lbs
    Hair: Green
    Eyes: Green
    Skin Tone: Light
    Appearance :
    Noriko is a slim girl with a light complication due to how much she stays indoors. Her hair is green and short, and matches with her eyes. She normally wears sweaters and skirts, or really anything that can fit her small frame.


    Guild: Black Rose
    Tattoo: Red, right upper arm
    Rank: D


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    Re: Noriko Gijutsu

    Post by Guest on 8th May 2017, 8:04 pm


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