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    The Difference Between Bandits and Pirates


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    The Difference Between Bandits and Pirates Empty The Difference Between Bandits and Pirates

    Post by Strawberry 17th April 2017, 1:05 pm

    Sen was walking to Ace of Spades this night, going to prepare for another job that was taking place there. However, upon nightfall a sandstorm kicked up. It wasn't a problem, and the robot honestly didn't quite mind the sandstorm. However the machine noticed something off in the distance, a campfire that housed a band of what looked like archers? Trekking in that direction, the machine saw what looked like a tomb of sorts - something he dealt with before. Remembering his mini adventure with the archaeologist Guy Stratus, he ventured forth until he was bombarded with arrows. Avoiding them, the arrows all connected with the sand, almost all hitting him. These arrows weren't anything special, however something told Sen that he'd best avoid them at all costs, so he lowered the heat of his body, and in turn lowered the light that went off from his body. The machine slowly traversed closer and closer, until the bandits ran inside the tomb, not wanting to share whatever loot it was that was in there. Shrugging, he decided he had nothing better to do, so Sen went and followed the bandits inside the tomb.

    Inside the tomb, Sen looked around and inspected. The tomb was extremely old, however still had readable text on the walls. The text told the tale of Gold Rodger, a pirate whom robbed the gods. This Gold Rodger thief had taken some treasure with him to the grave, which was protected by the tomb. Should anyone want to continue forward at the risk of their own lives, they were welcome to. Gold Rodger had a respect for those in the thieving arts, as they would be the fearless people of the world. He knew eventually his treasure would be found and stolen, so he had this tomb as a sort of test to see who was worthy of actually having it. Sen accepted this challenge gladly, and ventured forward more into the tomb.

    Coming up first on an open room, Sen saw some of the archers from before. They were resting, waiting by the fire, some of them talking. Sen krept up slowly, listening in to what they were saying.

    "The rest of them should get back soon."

    "How much of a challenge could a stupid pirate's tomb be?"

    "We've robbed places much harder than this one."

    "Yeah, we've got this. However, let's just stick to our job of keeping watch."

    One of the four archers in the room noticed Sen, and then fired an arrow, which was slightly avoided by the robot. Their aim was impeccable, and he had to admit that at the least. The archer that fired the arrow at Sen exclaimed out to the others about their intruder, which got them up and on guard. Suddenly, four arrows flew in different positions all at the robot. He couldn't avoid them all, however he took the damage from one of them, which pierced his arm, and slid close to the wall to come in with a headbutt to the man that fired the arrow. He wasn't fast and couldn't avoid the headbutt, and he wasn't that durable either - only falling unconscious after one attack from the machine that assaulted him. Sen shrugged, however this gave him a little breathing room, as he was able to avoid the 3 arrows that flew at him, which formed a straight line that pierced into the wall behind him. Sen then slid forward, Megaman style, then flipped back up onto his hands, then pushed himself forward, performing a dropkick to the second archer's chest, knocking it into a wall, leaving it motionless. The attack wasn't enough to kill, so the robot knew he was simply unconscious. Now in close quarters, this'd be easy for Sen since the archers weren't adept to fighting in such close range. The bows are weapons suited for longer range combat, not up close. So, the robot simply kicked one, and punched the other flat in their faces. There was no contesting the might of the machine, as he was one that knew the combat style for every weapon known to man.

    Continuing forward, Sen soon found 6 skeletons along a corridor, much like he had fought with Guy Stratus days prior. Finding this to be a simple and easy fight, considering he had already fought these same enemies, Sen just dashed forward, outspeeding the skeletons easily and forcing them to go on the defensive - something they weren't adept at doing. Sen kneed one in the chest, then grabbed its skull, driving it into the wall, and grinding it into dust. Sen bobbed and weaved, avoiding two swords that were aiming to cut off his head, and then punched another skeleton in the face, then grabbed it and launched it into a different one, where he simply stomped them both, crushing them. With half down and half left, a skeleton jumped onto Sen's back, a strange move and a bad one, considering once it tried to slit the robot's throat, it found that mythril was a bit... and by a bit I mean a lot... harder than the rusted iron sword that it carried. Flipping the skeleton over his shoulder, he kicked its spine in two, and then crushed its arms with his foot. The skeleton, now not being able to move, sat their trying its hardest to flail about, completely unsuccessful.

    Now onto the last two, Sen just simply elbowed them in their neck bones, crushing them. The skeletons lost their heads, literally, and then just flailed about trying to grasp at straws. Sen continued forward, finding this job much easier than those he had previously done.

    Coming across the final room, one that had a grand entrance. Once the robot entered the room, the doors were barred with metal. Standing inside was a man, accompanied with two archers, whom were fighting what looked like hellhounds and skeletons. Taking the side of the bandits, finding the hellhounds to be more dangerous, Sen soon realized that he was caught between a rock and a hard place, as the archers began firing at him to, and the skeletons began turning to him. However, luckily, the hellhounds made quick work of the remaining archers, and the skeletons were demolished by the man that was assumed the leader, whom had a giant pike. The pike-weilding man spun around, piercing the two hellhounds with one strike, and then turned to Sen.

    "So, you're the party crasher, aren't ya?"

    Sen put up his arms, and then was lunged at. This man was much faster than the skeletons and archers before him, but it wasn't enough to catch the robot off guard. Parrying the lance lunge with his arm, Sen broke the lance in two with his other. Finding this his own advantage now, with his enemy disarmed and him still having his personal weapons as those that couldn't exactly be disarmed, quite literally. So, the two were left in hand to hand combat, in which Sen was far more proficient in. Creeping towards one another, the two of them prepare to strike. The man went first, trying to punch Sen in the face. Anticipating this, the robot grabbed the man's arm, and then sent two punches of his own into the man's ribs, the latter of the two causing him to release his shotgun-style punch which sent the bandit back a couple of feet, and made him stagger. This left him wide open, as now Sen kicked the man in the shin, crumpling him, where he then punched the man in the face as hard as possible to do without being lethal. He wouldn't have been surprised if he'd send the man to the hospital after this altercation, with many broken bones. Regardless, the bandit fell to the floor, unconscious, and Sen went forward to collect his prize. Opening the coffin he found... a jacket. A pirate's jacket... Nothing more, nothing less. Taking the jacket, he wondered how much it'd be worth. It was a relic from the man who could apparently steal from the gods, and this would be proof that Sen overcame such a man. So, he decided once he got home he'd put it up for auction, and make a nice profit from it. However, there was something else that appeared to be different in the coffin. It was a stone, or rather an orb, that was within the skeleton's grasp. Taking the orb, he felt a surge of magic power come from the orb, giving him a power up, albeit very short lived. This power boost could be something of value to Sen in moments where he needed an immense power boost for one of his attacks. So, he decided that this could also be another token of war that he took from the tomb. Maybe this was the prize after all, not the coat. Regardless, he took them both with him, and continued on to Ace of Spades, finished with this mission that was a hell of a lot easier than normal. Other missions took hours, this one took an hour at most.


    The Difference Between Bandits and Pirates NaomiSig

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