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    The Wolf and the Hare [Private: Gisen]


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    The Wolf and the Hare [Private: Gisen] Empty The Wolf and the Hare [Private: Gisen]

    Post by Benjamin 17th April 2017, 12:14 am

    Two weeks before the guildmaster's confrence...

    The town of Shirotsume.

    A small community nestled in the mountains, it is governed in an oddly feudalistic fashion. However, so long as the people of this town do nothing to offend the aristocrat given reign over it, they may live their lives the same way as any other citizen of Fiore. Of course, while allowed his own laws in the spirit of self governance, this ruler was still comply with general Fioran law, at least officially. Thus, most of the townsfolk had little to fear in the way of abuse of power, though the man did abuse the taxes payed by his subjects. However, in the lands surrounding the town, yet still in its territory, a certain gray haired wizard had been taking residency and helping himself to the game provided by the wildlife, much to the local lord's fury.

    Dmitry Kazakov sat before a modest fire in the middle of a forest a small ways from the outskirts of town, taking a large bite out of the leg of a dear which he had already cooked in said fire. As far as he could tell, he'd struck some luck when he found this place, years ago. The wildlife was abundant enough to provide him with plenty to hunt and the climate was ideal for the wizard, causing him to stop by for a time whenever he came near it in his travels.

    'You know, you may simply be causing trouble for yourself by coming here, boy.' The voice of his mentor, guide, and tormentor rang in his head. 'The hell you say? This place is fine, old man.' He responded in his thoughts, a confused expression on his features despite the silent nature of the conversation. 'Got plenty of food, weather's nice; what's the problem?.' He took another, absurdly large bite from the dear leg, revealing the bone. 'I assume even you have realized that some wealthy human feels they owns these lands. It may be a foolish thought on their part, but sooner or later, they'll come up with something worse then the fools you've dealt with so far.' Hati warned. Before he could respond, Dmitry's eyes widened and he stood to his feet, dropping the leg he was feed off of to the ground. A quick few sniffs of the air and his eyes narrowed.

    "Something's coming..." He absentmindedly muttered out loud, turning in the direction behind him.

    "Something different."

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