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    Ruby? I prefer Mythril.


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    Ruby? I prefer Mythril. Empty Ruby? I prefer Mythril.

    Post by Strawberry 16th April 2017, 4:52 pm

    Guy Stratus was a man of simple convictions. A treasure hunter and an archaeologist, he desired nothing more than the ancient artifact of the Prismatic Aegis of Gen'atoh. Therefore he waited at the ruins of Terra Ignis, halted for the person that took the job he posted days prior. Apparently their name was "Sen," which was an odd name to the archaeologist. He didn't know much about this "Sen," aside from the fact that they were a guildless mage that apparently was capable of helping him out in his quest for the Aegis. Gen'atoh's relic was the thing he wanted so much in life, however due to his lack of magic power he wouldn't be able to search much longer, and the fact that he couldn't get past a simple trap right at the entrance of the ruins. The man let out a sigh of disappointment, but soon heard... or rather felt... the footsteps of someone approaching. He raised his shortsword in defense, and then began to speak.

    "Who-Who's there!? I'll have you know I studied Krav Maga! I'm also proficient with a blade, old or new!"

    "I've mastered Krav Maga... and every other form of martial arts. Is that supposed to be an achievement? I'm Sen, I'm here on a j-"


    "I am a machine, yes."

    "That. Is. So. Fricking. Cool! A-ahem! I uh... I mean... I'm Guy Stratus, an archaeologist searching for the Prismatic Aegis of Gen'atoh. It's an ancient shield from a king long ago, and it's been my life's goal to recover it. That's where you come in. Since I'm just a normal man, with no sense of magic or anything of that sort, I'm just here to recover it.
    I need aid, aid from someone with a sense of magic and that sort. Can you aid me?"

    "I wouldn't have accepted the job if I couldn't."

    Sen accompanied the man into the ruins in the side of the cliff. The two made the trek about 50 meters in, until they came across a vast hallway. This hallway was covered with different colored tiles, ones that Sen didn't understand the point of. However, should they have been safe, Guy wouldn't have stopped beforehand. So, Sen was about to question the point of them stopping, until Guy tossed a stone onto a tile - a blue one. The stone, by some strange force of nature, lifted up into the air, and then imploded on itself like it was vaccumed into a void.

    "Only the yellow tiles are safe, Sen. All of the others do... well... that. This is why I couldn't venture forth into the tomb, there wasn't much I can do to get past the middle. However, should you get over there somehow, there is a symbol on the wall that I can vaguely make out to be a hand. Perhaps it is what allows us to continue?"

    Sen nodded, then scanned the room for the moment, thinking of the most logical way to bypass this obsticle. He had someone to return to at home, so he couldn't simply fall here. There was far too much at stake, so he had to think as much as possible. Scanning the walls, he decided to think of what they were made of. Punching a hole in the wall, and shocking Guy in the process, Sen deduced it to be made up of quartz, an extremely strong material. This should be able to hold him up if he didn't make any mistakes, so Sen punched and kicked four holes in the wall, and began to climb across and shimmy as though he were some superhero, probably Spiderman or Batman. After a couple of shimmies, the machine ended up on the opposite side of the room, which was littered with yellow tiles, the tiles that Guy determined to be safe. Putting his complete faith in Guy, Sen dropped from the wall, thankfully not imploding into nothingness. With a slight sigh, the robot did find what looked to be a hand symbol. Placing his metallic hands there, the symbol exploded into light, and the floor tiles all flipped that were once dangerous, revealing an entire hallway of yellow tiles.

    "You may come forward!"

    Sen yelled at the man, and soon watched him approach.

    "You are a legend, man! A frickin legend! Now come on, let's.... go......."

    The man seemed confused, as there was no door or any pathway to continue onward. There was just nothing. The man's suspicions were soon damped, however, as relief filled him. The walls parted, revealing a corridor continuing onward. The two of them had been walking for ages, finding nothing but emptiness. However, once Sen turned around and found no one standing there, he began frantically looking around, attempting to see where Guy might have gone. Before he could open his mouth to call out to the human, five beasts stepped from the walls, armed with battle hammers of their own material - be it stone, wood, Sen didn't know. It looked petrified, so he couldn't tell for sure.


    The robot raised his arms, ready to combat the stone warriors. One of them stepped forward, raising its war hammer and slammed it downward, ready to crush Sen's body whole. The robot caught the hammer by its head, before it could connect with his own. This gave him the edge, as he then tore the hammer out of the beast's hands, and then smacked it with its own hammer, shattering them both into dust. The hammer wasn't very durable, so it shattered with the force that Sen put behind it. It was either that, or he just put so much force that the normal stone that it was couldn't handle it. Either way, that was one stone guardian down, four to go.

    Just as Sen was turning around to continue the destruction of those that dare challenge him, some vines sprouted from ground, trapping the machine for a brief minute. He was smacked with the hammer of another stone guardian into another guardian, however the weight of the machine's body crushed the stone guardian with ease. The beast dropped its hammer, and once again Sen picked it up and made quick use of it. Slamming the hammer into the opposing guardian's, both Sen and the stone warrior were disarmed, but unlike the warrior, Sen was prepared to fight with his bare hands. Sen went for a punch to the guardian's face, however was stopped once more vines sprouted and caused him to fall flat on his face, and then take a heavy hit from the final guardian with a hammer, cracking the ground. However, he quickly recovered and threw the disarmed guardian into the armed one, and then dropkicked them both, the force behind his attack grinding them both into dust. Sen, now not worrying about the enemies any longer, looked around to see the corridor had returned to normal, and Guy was sitting there in front of him in a state of shock, a babbling mess of a man.

    "I-I-Is it even worth it? The relic... Is it worth my life...?"

    "Don't think about that. I'm here to protect you, so trust me. Don't think of your own life, instead think of the goal - the Aegis."

    "Y-Y-Yeah... Right... the Aegis... Alright, I'm calm now... Let's go..."

    The two entered the next room, one that's door had a shield with 6 rubies on it. It was simply an ornament, however what was in the room couldn't possibly be anything more or less than real. Sen saw  a statue of a man holding a shield, with six gemstones in it. Around the statue were ten skeletons, all of them looking very much so dead - looking being the key word. As Guy was lost in the ramblings about the shield, Sen went over to inspect the dead bodies, until suddenly a flash of red light caught the robot's attention. Then, the skeleton he was inspecting grabbed the robot's leg, in which it responded in kind with a boot to the skull. The other skeletons got up, grasping the remnants of their weapons from ages ago.

    The nine skeletons surrounded Sen, to which they all began attacking him in unison. The robot calculated their every movements, blocking and parrying their strikes with his metal arms. The robots all began exhaling some strange gas, however it was evident that Sen didn't care much for whatever obvious poison it was, as he had no lungs nor did he even breathe. So, the robot ducked down and launched a fierce uppercut against one of the skeletons, tearing off its head, and then with his landing, he spun with a sweeping kick, followed by a stomp onto the Skeleton's chest, turning it into dust. With this strike, Sen got smacked with a sword to the face, chipping it a tiny bit, but not doing major damage. This did nothing more than piss Sen off, and caused him to rocket forward with a fist that released concussive kinetic energy, tearing through the skeleton's armor and breaking its ribs. Then, the robot kneed the skeleton in the would-be chest, causing it to fly into the wall and break apart. However, another light bursted into the room, where an enigmatic red warrior with a spear appeared. The warrior threw its spear forward, stabbing one of the skeletons through the face, then pulled out a gun from his waist, and shot it four times, assuring its failure to continue fighting. Sen nodded to the warrior, finding it an ally, and then punched another skeleton in the face, while in the meantime the ruby knight went forward and made quick work of two more skeletons, using his stylish yet effective flaming attacks, gun, and spear.

    Finally at the last skeleton, Sen kicked it in the chest, launching it into the ruby knight's spear, which ended up bursting it into flames. After the battle, the enigmatic warrior of flame bursted into red light once again, and instead of someone new, standing there was simply Guy Stratus, holding the Prismatic Aegis of Gen'atoh.

    "What... Why did that happen!? Oh my goodness, this is amazing! I've been chosen to continue the legacy of the Ruby Knight of Gen'atoh!!! I'm going to be a warrior of legend!!! Thank you, Sen. Thank you so much. Here is your reward, you have earned it so much and so much more. I will have to go find the others, as the stones have already found them. Would you possibly - never mind, I wouldn't ask that of someone I barely know."

    "Ask me what?"

    "To aid me in fighting the rest of the Prism knights. I wouldn't be able to gather them all on my own, but with your aid, we'd be unstoppable!"

    "I'll aid you, should we cross paths again and the job requires it. Offer me a reward, and we've got ourselves a deal. For now, I must return home. Would you like to walk with me?"

    "Sure! Oh man this is gonna be AMAZING!!!"

    Together, the two of them walked back through the doors of the room with the skeletons, and back into the corridor where they were first separated, and then out through the room with the many yellow tiles. All the while Sen looked at the Prismatic Aegis of Gen'atoh, the relic that he aided Guy in finding. He realized something - through that entire fight, as short-lived as it was, Guy Stratus never once used the shield to block or parry an attack. Did he even know how to use it? He seemed so naturally able to fight with that spear and gun of his, and despite him apparently never making use of mana before, he used the fire spells with ease. Was there more to that Aegis than met the eye? Regardless, Sen just stood back behind Guy, making sure that there was no more trouble as they left. He was still on a job, after all. Once he found that there were none, he left and parted ways with Guy, feeling that he might get that job request some time in the future.


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