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    A Line to End All Lines (Job - Solo)


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    A Line to End All Lines (Job - Solo) Empty A Line to End All Lines (Job - Solo)

    Post by Jozuma 13th April 2017, 3:28 am

    Jozuma arrived at the Rose Gardens in order to get his passport to travel outside Fiore. Unfortunately so was everyone else in the goddamn country.  Jozuma was walking to the travel offices when came across a group. Of people “Um… hello… sir, do you know where I can go to get a passport here.” “Yes, this is the line for it.” Jozuma leaned to the side and witnessed the greatest horror he has ever seen in his entire life, a line, a long one, a line to end all lines, one that seemed like the wait  could span generations. Jozuma’s face looked like he was broken, he wasn’t ready for this heck nothing could have prepared him for this. He continued to stare at the line for a few more moments, still trying to process it, head twitching, short hysterical laughs. Calcifer wasn’t ready for this either, he was the first to break out of the trance and speak up. “No, I-I can’t do this there’s no way no way-there’s just no way I can’t do this-I can’t JOZU my attention span was not BUILT it was not MEANT to handle a level of boredom of THIS MAGNITUDE.” “We have to it do it Cal.” “No no we don’t have to, this is madness, nothing is worth this level of self-inflicted torture.” “We need the passport man w-we j-just have to power it through.” “We will DIE before we see the door.” “I don’t know what you’re complaining about you can just sleep the whole way through.” “Oh, yeah you’re right.” Calcifer’s voice fades. “No no no NO CALCIFER PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME I CAN’T DO THIS ALONE!!!!” The people in front him start to stare in confusion so Jozuma quiets down, silently sobbing. Many hours past and the building was still not even in sight the line of people seemed like an ocean with no bounderies besides left and right, the directions of freedom Jozuma was so tempted to treck. Jozuma was exhausted and alone without Calcifer to keep him company. A day past and Jozuma was a defeated man, while he felt that he had gone farther sanctuary was still not in sight. A man passed out sandwiches to the people in line, he took a few and tried to eat away his sorrows. Another day past and Jozuma was already way over the edge. “Passport s-soon p-passport.” Calcifers voice returned. yawn “How are you holding up man.” “CALCIFER! You’re back, what can you tell me about the world outside!?!?” “Still in your head dude.” “Oh. There has to be a faster way there just has to.” “There is, we just have to be quick and quiet.” Jozuma knew what Calcifer was talking about and he was at a point that he was willing to do anything. A thought shot through his mind and he had a plan. Jozuma fires a bolt at a building. “Aah! A Dark guild!” crash everyone gets startled and looks towards the building. While, they were distracted Jozuma bolts to the front at full speed and makes it all the way to the front. “Huh, that was weird, I’d like a passport please.” “Here ya go!” “Thanks!” Jozuma walks out of building at takes a big breath at the return of his freedom. “It’s so beautiful.” “I know.” “Let’s go home.” “Yeah.” sniffle Jozuma goes home with a newfound appreciation of the world.
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