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    Rensa "Ren" Dokuhebi


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    Completed Rensa "Ren" Dokuhebi

    Post by JesterZamba on 10th April 2017, 8:57 pm

    Name: Rensa "Ren" Dokuhebi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Birthday: 10/31
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: Hair is an unusual shade of green.

    Known to his friends, which are few, as a smooth talker and bit of a jokester, Ren tends to always have something to say. He is slow to trust, and even slower to call someone friend. His life has taught him to keep others at arm's-length and he does so very well, learning all sorts of things about his compatriots and enemies, while also divulging little about himself. None close to Ren can truly say they ever really know him as he likes to contradict facts he had previously laid out about himself to keep others on their toes. Ren always laughs when called out on his contradictions as it's an inside joke between him and no one else.

    He gives off an aura of carefreeness and a nonchalant attitude, but the closely attuned can see through the facade to what lies beneath. Ren lives with a constant, overwhelming sense of expected abandonment and unrequited love and this is the true nature of his personality behind the superficial jokes and shrugs. Ren's loneliness runs deep but he'll never admit to it, even going as far as to completely contradict it by simply stating he'd much rather be alone, though he never truly leaves to be alone. To this end, Ren is a lover of games. From chess, to cards, Ren will usually offer up a game or two to his comrades in lulls between missions and training. He is usually found with a pack of cards on his person for the spontaneous game of Poker that could happen at the right moment.

    Preferring not to fight or show outward aggression, Ren must be pushed into combat. Not to say he is a pacifist or anything, but he'd simply rather not reveal the nature of his magic to others so... openly because to see one's magic is to eventual understand its nature. Though, any "teammates" he might have temporarily joined for missions will agreeably state Ren has a tactical mindset and approaches combat like a game of chess. Combat is simply another game to win and the winner is the one that out-thinks the other. As a tactical combatant, Ren is an ever-adapting adversary, able to go with the flow of things. In fact, he mostly prefers this type of lifestyle. You're ever at your worst when you're imposing your will on the greater world around you. Ren believes wholeheartedly that one should lay back and take in the world from time to time to truly appreciate its greatness and stand in its awe.

    Though stereotyped as a loner, Ren is fiercely loyal to those that manage to come in close and resist his many attempts to push them away. Ren counts these people on a single hand, but dare you threaten them with harm, that withheld aggression breaches the dams and Ren becomes quite fearsome indeed, even those he is protecting come to fear this side of him. To a certain extent, this side of Ren scares himself, as the loss of control and outward showcase of emotion is undignified and unbecoming of a gentleman of his esteem.


    • Games - A lover of games, whether for fun or for profit. A gambling man to say the least, there is always something to be won, or lost if so needed.
    • Quiet - Ren enjoys the serenity that quiet brings when he can be alone in his mindscape, where he tends to spend most of his time.
    • Serendipity - The happenstance of going with the flow. This is when the glory of the world is seen at its strongest. Luck favors the bold, or so they say?
    • Contradictions - The falacies of the expectations of others, and moreover their reactions to these breaches of perception give Ren the giggles.
    • Loneliness - After all, if you are alone, no one can hurt you, can they?


    • Dramatis Personae - The world does not, in fact, revolve around you! Though we are all the main character in our own stories.
    • Faithlessness - To believe in nothing is to care for nothing. To care for nothing, is to be wholly lost.
    • The Unknown - Not knowing what comes next might be exhilarating but it's a fearsome bed-fellow to have.
    • Loneliness - If there is no one to share your life with, did you even live it in the first place?


    • Family - Ren has never really had one, functional or otherwise. He would love to build a close-knit group of individuals who he'd consider 'family' but his own fears stand in his ways.
    • Money - Jewels make the world go 'round, now doesn't it? Can't take it easy all the time, right?
    • Justice - Injustices cannot continue to stand and I'll be damned if I stand by and watch them happen.
    • Discovery - There is always something new to learn. Whether it about the greater world around us, or within ourselves.


    • Loss - Everyone leaves, best keep my distance to stifle the emotions more easily.
    • Loss - Everyone has their chance to create winners out of those around them, I just never thought my turn would come up. After all, there can be no winners without someone losing.
    • Bananas - Never trust a fruit that looks like a gun. I'm watching you, you Potassium-filled, slippery devils!

    General Appearance

    Height: 6'7"
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Hair: Green and short, about ear-level to neck-level in length.
    Eyes: Yellow irises, though he is usually grinning enough that his eyes appear as horizontal slits.
    Skin Tone: Fair skin.
    Ren is lanky and slender in fit and form with long, thin arms and legs. Usually wears a black suit and tie combo with a black duster coat and hat. Usually found absent-mindedly shuffling a deck of basic playing cards, though the typical patterning on the back is black rather than red.


    Guild: Sabertooth
    Tattoo: Left Palm and Green.
    Rank: D-Rank
    Fireworks Expert
    Fireworks Expert

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    Completed Re: Rensa "Ren" Dokuhebi

    Post by Salrynn on 13th April 2017, 3:21 am

    Approved ^^


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