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    Leah's Level Up 2.0 Edition (C to B)

    Lacey Botticelli

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    Leah's Level Up 2.0 Edition (C to B) Empty Leah's Level Up 2.0 Edition (C to B)

    Post by Lacey Botticelli 8th April 2017, 8:59 am

    They are all in chronological order since that seemed to be a good way to store them.
    It should be exactly 1200 EXP.
    I can assist you with this math :D since they were not sorted by job rank.

    So that's 8 D Rank missions = 200
    6 C Rank missions = 300
    Extra EXP C Rank missions = 300
    1 B Rank mission = 250
    Starting C Rank EXP = 150

    I've seen people credit other people they do jobs with (I guess that's what it's for to tag them?) so:
    Mashyuu - A Haunting Tale
    Suna and Ursala - The King of the Pirates

    Edit: It's been a few days and the jobs still aren't approved yet, but I wanted to begin my exam because the weekend is the best opportunity for me to write. I'm posting this here to speed things along once mods have time to get to the ending a job thread and this exam.  Astrid said I could do 3.5K words on whatever I wanted so here's the thread.

    Leah's Level Up 2.0 Edition (C to B) Empty Re: Leah's Level Up 2.0 Edition (C to B)

    Post by Guest 10th April 2017, 1:15 pm

    Since all the Exp has been added... APPROVED!

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