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    Baby Steps || Private, Job


    Baby Steps || Private, Job Empty Baby Steps || Private, Job

    Post by Guest 6th April 2017, 3:45 pm

    “Walk!” The feline commanded harshly to the small human infant in front of her as she knelt upon the polished, wooden floor, yellow eyes narrowed hard in frustration, lips turned into a thin line. The child only blinked up to the girl, sucking upon his fingers as he continued to sit with no intention of doing what Mia said. Using a free hand the baby reached up in an attempt to pet one of her fluffy white ears, but was just out of reach. This was useless… No matter how many times she tried to get the boy to walk he would not listen to her, just continuing to chew on his fingers and trying to reach up to pet her ears. This was frustrating. How was she supposed to do this? She didn’t have any experience with babies, or children for that matter. So what drove her to do this job? The money of course. She has run low recently, mostly due to her bar tab growing to an insane amount. What could she say? The drinks at The Silver Moon Inn were good, nothing like she has had in a long time. But it took her until the bartender refused to give her anymore that her wallet was filled more with air than jewels. So deciding to do a job to refill it Mia took the easiest job she could find on the board. ‘Easy’ being the key word there. Teaching a baby how to talk? It was easier in theory than in reality.
    The feline lightly patted the child’s hand away from her head, letting out a frustrated puff through her nose. “Walk! Dammit, walk! Why won’t you listen to me?!”

    “I think i see your problem here. A baby can’t teach another baby to walk” Neko mused within her thoughts. Mia narrowed her eyes, annoyed more by his comment than the child. Baby? What right did he have to call her a baby? She was more than wenty years old in cat years… Or something. Cat years were a weird thing to deal with. But she supposed she was immortal, so it didn’t really matter anyway.

    “Well then Mr. Smartass, you have any ideas?” she huffed, crossing her arms over her chest. The Nekomata didn’t respond, and simply appeared before her in a poof of smoke, sporting his normal form. A calico cat with a strange set of two tails waving behind him. Round brown eyes looked up to the girl before settling on the baby before him. Seeing this new cat to play with appear out of nowhere the child reached over to pet the cat, but Neko dodged him with a simple step to the side. The boy giggled and tried again, but again Neko dodged. He laughed more, begining to now crawl after the calico. Neko teased the baby, walking only inches out of his grasp, his two tails waving side to side tauntingly. And after a while, all of a sudden, tired of being unable to catch the cat the child stood to his feet wobbly, now tumbling after him with both of his legs working. Neko shot Mia a cheeky side smirk, jumping up onto a nearby stool to avoid getting caught by the boy.
    Mia’s yellow eyes widened before she noticed Neko saw her staring, clicking her tongue and looking away as to not give him the satisfaction of having done something she couldn’t.
    “Whatever, i could have totally done that.”
    Neko crossed his two front paws over one another, chuckling.

    “Sure you could have.”

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