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    Wine Testing || Private, Job


    Wine Testing || Private, Job Empty Wine Testing || Private, Job

    Post by Guest 5th April 2017, 12:19 pm

    She has had wine before. Of course she had had wine before. Even if she was a little under Fiore's legal drinking age limit her looks usually made the bartenders think otherwise. No need to have I.D when you looked older than you were. And when living on the streets for a while wine was easier to find, either by sneaking into a restaurant or finding random bottles of the street left behind by drunken civilians.
    If it was no milk, Mia absolutely adored milk and would rather have that over wine, but when she went for days without being able to drink anything but dirty water it was much better than nothing. Wine was honestly a bit too bitter for her normally. But for this job if was required she would have to drink it. So drink it she would. Plus, hey, free wine. Who would put off free drinks? And at that, a free meal ticket. She'd be mad to give up this offer.

    The feline spun around on the plush bar seating, finding the fact that these chairs were able to spin to be the most enjoyable experience ever. Every time she thought she was slowing down a bit too much she would reach a foot down to the floor and push a little more, causing her to speed up. It was only when the old man standing behind the bar cleared his throat to catch the mage's attention would she stop. She hit her foot on the side of the table every time she would pass it, making the spinning calm down slowly until eventually she stopped to face him. White ears twitched, yellow eyes staring.
    The man gestured a hand towards a glass of red liquid before her, making her stare move down. Mia knew what it was instantly. Wine. Leaning forwards she picked it up by the delicate neck, swirling it around. Swirling it around was said to bring the flavor out a bit more. Or at least that's what Mr. Neko told her. Pressing the glass to her lips Mia took one small sip at first before swallowing the rest down in one gulp. "Hmmm..." She closed her eyes in concentration, a clawed finger rubbing the bottom of her lip thoughtfully. She let the flavor rest upon her taste buds. Not the best wine she has had, she really preferred the sour kind than sweet... But she guessed it was good... For wine.
    "It's fine..."

    "Tell him to pick older grapes. It'll help give him the kick he is looking for." The deep voice of Neko filled her ears, causing the left one to twitch. She thought all she had said was enough for the job description. All she needed to do was give her opinion after all. But whatever. Neko would probably get mad at her if she didn't do as he said.

    "But pick older grapes." Knowing Neko was wiser about this kind of stuff Mia told the man what he needed to do in order to get a better taste.
    A white tail waving behind her Mia placed the glass back down on the counter. She smirked, eyeing the back of the kitchen.
    "Now i'll take that free ticket~"

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