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    D'gerik Blackheart

    D'gerik Blackheart

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    D'gerik Blackheart

    Post by D'gerik Blackheart on 5th April 2017, 6:29 am

    Name: D'gerik "Schrödinger" Blackheart
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Birthday: October 20th
    Sexuality: straight
    Special Characteristics: Incredibly Pale skin, more so than what is common. That, and a soft Irish accent to his voice.

    Personality: D’gerik was an only child, and he grew up knowing little of other people, given that his parents truly loathed the world they live in. Adding on top of that, he knew only two things because of this; peace, and quiet. His parents always had to work, but he didn’t mind, he liked it. So imagine his dismay when he found out that the outside world was anything but quiet… Having lived in a wealthy family meant he practically had an entire castle to himself with servants to assist him whenever he needed it. He never wanted more space; he never needed friends and never really knew what they were. Thanks to his library and private tutor, his mental capacity was nurtured to an incredibly high standard. He learned to be honor from his favorite genre of literature; this being, of course, poetry. His favorite works were westerns. They could be poetry, epics, short stories, or whatever he could find, he loved it. From here, D’gerik also learned what he hated the most; Ignorance. So many times either the protagonists or the antagonists of his westerns were all felled because of ignorance. They would underestimate their opponents, even when they had seen said opponent in combat before. Along with this, he couldn’t help but cry whenever the story contained a dramatic moment involving the loss of a loved one. D’gerik feared such a thing happening to him, and he often found himself contemplating what he would do when he found himself in such a situation, and he still does to this day.

    That being said, he truly enjoys poetry, and is quite talented as a poet, although he doesn’t really show his work publicly, believing he doesn’t need to. Perhaps the only thing that separated him from his parents is that he didn’t hate the outside world.  Against his parent’s wishes, D’gerik consistently had his servants bring him news of what was happening in the outside world, by whatever means they legally could. He knew, deep down, that he could not afford to be ignorant of the world if he was ever to join it in the future. He knew of every war, every squabble that ever took place nearby. Interestingly enough, at the end of the day, so long as his room was as tidy as he was and war did not make his way to his home, he always preferred to be nice and lazy. After all, what more could someone with all the money he ever needed have to ask for?

    But what if war ever reached his doorstep? His parents were constantly away and, considering their line of work, he would not have been surprised if war of any kind were to make it to him. And so he decided he would have to learn to defend himself, seeking his servants to assist him in training, physical, magical, whatever he could learn. They found for him a personal trainer to teach D’gerik everything he could in martial and warmongering arts. This man and his training regimen alike were brutal, ruthless even; and these properties were inherited by the impressionable, young Blackheart. This consistently combated his instincts to be honorable, leading to constant scolding from his instructor whenever D’gerik refused to “finish his opponent”. D’gerik simply preferred to give the route of mercy unless it was absolutely necessary.

    Years of his life were spent learning how to fight, different ways to drop his opponents with or without extended conflict, and other intricacies such as creating combat strategies and the like. Still, at the end of the day, D’gerik was still an incredibly lazy person. In spite of how much he pushed himself to learn these things, he really didn’t like it, and today would much rather avoid combat if possible. It was such a drag, having to kill or injure someone when it could be resolved in other ways or –better yet- having someone take care of the fight for him instead. Long story short, you’ve got a man who’s lazy, but informed; talented as a poet, but shies away from sharing that talent; and honorable in combat, but ruthless whenever necessary.

    Likes:(What does your character like and why? )

    • Magic - From the first day that he learned of it, D'gerik has always been fascinated with magic and all its intricacies. He spent a very long time researching everything he could about the different types of magic users, and found special fascination with magical items.
    • Literature - As stated in his personality, D'gerik is a poet and a lover of the literal arts.
      He enjoys writing and reading equally be it fiction, non-fiction, news articles, or even just a random Haiku that he found written on a wall.
    • Solitude - There is no better way to spend a day for D'gerik than a silent, peaceful day free of arguments, drunks at the taverns, and all other concerns. Just he and himself at a park, his home, or wherever he can be, really.

    Dislikes: (What does your character dislike and why?)

    • Lack of Honor - If you are in a contest of any form with D'gerik, he will do anything in his power to show honor and respect to you. It is for this reason that D'gerik detests when someone cannot do the same in return, it's enough to make him lose his calm demeanor and is guaranteed to make D'gerik lose any respect he had for you.
    • Lack of organization - D'gerik is a tidy person, after all, he was born of "nobility". If he did not uphold his family's image, it was almost trained into him to get irked by the fact. He's the kind of person who would organize a crime scene, if he could.
    • Too much noise! - D'gerik is like a man with a permanent hangover. He absolutely hates roudy people. It's incredibly difficult to find him anywhere near a tavern, and any drinking he does is almost always in an expensive place, exclusively for the ambiance.

    Motivations: (What motivates your character in life?)

    • Knowledge - It's very simple; you have here a man who seeks knowledge, as with knowledge comes power. He cares little for the power, but without knowledge, there is ignorance, and this is something he simply cannot allow to exist.
    • Peace and Quite - D'gerik will do absolutely ANYTHING for some peace and quiet. If this means he has to spend three days on a hiking trail to get to his mission, you bet your left cheek he'll do it!
    • Life - D'gerik misses his old life. Ever since he left his parent, he's always been seeking to return to the lifestyle he once had. That means the life of a wealthy man. But at the same time, he enjoys going out on missions every once in a while. For this, D'gerik decided he would merge the two together... Why not?

    Fears: (What does your character fear in life? Can be phobia or anything else. )

    • Loss of a loved one - He knows it will happen. He can only wait for the inevitable. He seeks a way to prevent it.  He knows he cannot...
    • Spiders - Have you seen those things? They are just creepy in every single way. His fear of spiders depends entirely on their size. If he can't kill them before they get to close, that is grounds for blowing the whole place into oblivion just to kill the damned spider!
    • Heights - Having almost fallen off of one of the towers at his old home, D'gerik simply grew to phobicly dislike heights. It's a perfectly naturally occurring phobia in many people, and he can control this fear, given his field of study, but he still prefers to avoid going too close to ledges and gets very nervous when someone else (particularly someone who can't use magic to save themselves) is too close to a precarious perch.    

    General Appearance

    Height: D'gerik is two meters tall (6-foot-6)
    Weight: The lad weighs about eighty kilograms (~176lbs)
    Hair: Purposely unkept white hair.
    Eyes: His eyes are unnaturally blood-red
    Skin Tone: Pale, more so than what is considered normal for most.
    Appearance: He's really your average joe outside of his skin and eyes. You might consider him to be albino, but he isn't. He prefers to wear white clothing so as to not heavily contrast with his skin. Additionally, he always dresses well. Coming from a family of wealthy people, he is almost trained to do so, meaning it is very difficult to catch him dressing causally without being forced to, and he'll be visibly uncomfortable throughout the venture when he is.


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    Tattoo: None
    Rank: D-Rank


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