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    Terror in the Sewers (Terith/ Summers)


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    Terror in the Sewers (Terith/ Summers) Empty Terror in the Sewers (Terith/ Summers)

    Post by Sol on Wed 5 Apr 2017 - 8:59

    In the city of Ace of Spades evil was lurking but not from the slayer currently cloaked and moving thru the streets, Sol had some trouble moving around with his cloak on since his wings and tail were hard to cover up but he managed to keep most of his features covered, women and children were quickly ducking out of the dragons line of sight, “Huh I guess my tip was right about where it was headed now to find out how bad it is” he mumbled. The dark mage was on the hunt for a creature that had escaped his castle dungeon and somehow made its way here and now the dragon had to hunt the creature before it cause him too much trouble.

    Looking up ahead it was already clear that the creature had gotten a hold of another victim and it was a child the things preferred prey of choice,"What happened to him and how many have died” Sol asked one of the investigators looking at the scene.”looks like something mauled the kid before it escaped this makes four in rapid succession” the man explained before Sol narrowed his eyes as he pushed passed him and dipped his fingers into the boys pool of blood before he licked some of it off of his fingers.”the kid was terrified before he died looks im on the right track but how is it moving” he questioned before he spotted something beside the boy, a sewer grate and while most wouldn’t catch it the slayer could smell blood leading into the sewer.


    Terror in the Sewers (Terith/ Summers) Sol01
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