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    Buried Secrets? Time to Unearth

    Daryn Nevaik
    Daryn Nevaik

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    Buried Secrets? Time to Unearth Empty Buried Secrets? Time to Unearth

    Post by Daryn Nevaik 4th April 2017, 12:05 am

    It was a pretty cold night that night when Daryn had definitely arrived at his apartment from dealing with those sea creatures in a big way. He was exhausted, sore, smelled like fish, and worst of all; still needing kind of more money. Daryn felt like crude oil now, walking to his bathroom he took a shower and then kind of got redressed. What took only 15 minutes turned into an hour due to making sure he looked like perfect before he for all intents and purposes went to bed. As he always said, ‘perfection is my middle name’. Then, Daryn slept, and he slept well. For seven and a half hours Daryn specifically slept in his bed, laying perfectly still like always.

    Upon awakening, Daryn had mostly started getting dressed. Pausing in front of the mirrors when he saw one of his many scars on his body. Daryn sighed and then shook his head as his finger traced the scar in a kind of major way. He still really remembered the day the accident really happened like it literally was yesterday. He actually had been walking along a street when a group of young thugs specifically had stepped in front of him and commanded him to actually give them his money. Daryn in his slightly idiotic ways had said no and to actually get out of his way, this in turn caused them to get annoyed and attack him, which is was predictable in many ways. It took him a while to deal with the three thugs, but Daryn for all intents and purposes had come out on very top due to his magic, he specifically had received a few cuts but one in generally particular would result in a nice scar, which is fairly significant. Sighing once more Daryn essentially stopped looking at the scar and then refocused on his attention on the clothes of the day.

    Having gotten dressed, Daryn began walking around the town and then finally back to the job board. Once at this location he browsed the jobs and sighed in a big way. All of them mostly seemed to be asking for legal guilds and not those unaffiliated. It kind of specifically sucked being alone, but at times there was benefits to being so in a big way. It didnt essentially take too long to become disappointed, but just as he was about to basically turn away, a peculiar male had essentially brushed against Daryn and then placed a new job request on the board in a subtle way. Turning to look at this request, Daryn smiled, which to him was amusing because he wasn't one for smiling at nothing. This job request; it smelled like an adventure, a fun adventure, which is fairly significant; especially since he needed more money to make his bill payment for the apartment. Grabbing the paper, he kind of was about to tell the man he would take this job when low-behold, for all intents and purposes another young man had also stated he would help. This made Daryn quite curious, but sometimes having two heads was pretty much better than just one.

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    Buried Secrets? Time to Unearth Empty Re: Buried Secrets? Time to Unearth

    Post by Rhyolo 5th April 2017, 8:18 pm

    Rhyolo awoke in his small apartment, staring at the ceiling. He felt groggy as if he slept he was tired but he in fact knew he had just woken up form an eight hour sleep. He then proceeded to take a bath to wash away the previous day's dirt. Another day, another job, he thought, I wonder what this job will be about? after he dried off he proceeded to dress. He put on his black shorts with a red sleeveless hoodie. He then laced up his black leather boots. He then left out of his apartment with a bag slung over his back with one strap packed with extra clothes, money, and other necessities. He took a silent walk to the guild hall through town. He looked at the job board to see which job he was going to take after he ate breakfast. He then settled on when he saw it would look fun and adventurous. He then sat down and got his breakfast of bacon and oatmeal. He had always liked the guild's food as he gets it 3 meals a day when he is in town. After he had finished his meal he then proceeded to take the job that had interested him. But an older male had taken the poster. Rhyolo then said he would also take part of the job. Rhyolo, then smiled at the older male who had the job poster and walked over to him, "Hey, uh, Hope you don't mind if I take this job with you?" He then put his hands in his jacket pockets and awkwardly smiled like and idiot. God, I don't hope this guy is one quick to fight over a job and doesn't mind sharing a job. The guy looked older by about ten years making him around 23-28 years of age.
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