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    Time Flies When You're With Kids [Job | Solo]


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    Time Flies When You're With Kids [Job | Solo] Empty Time Flies When You're With Kids [Job | Solo]

    Post by Ahro on 3rd April 2017, 12:25 pm

    Job Description:
    Job Title: Tag!
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Any Rank any amount of players
    Job Requirements: 500 words minimum PER PLAYER (+200 per player beyond the 2nd)
    Job Location: Magnolia, East Garden
    Job Description: Some kids have asked you to play tag with them, so... go play tag.

    Reward: None.

    "TAG, YOU'RE IT!"

    With a hunched posture, Ahro strolled through a forest unknown to her. Hauling her right arm, she morphed her hand into a fist before slightly punching her spine as she straightened her back, letting out a small groan. She had been wandering within the town of Magnolia and had sauntered all the way into a apparent forest that sprouted tall trees and yet, did not possess an aura of danger. Warm sunlight befell upon the gracefully dancing grass that laid out before her as she herself was bathing underneath the  heated gaze of the sun. She for one, prefers the cold over warmth but did not mind it too much as it did not cause profuse sweating.

    Instead of turning around and returning to the urban area of the town, she walked further and further until she saw lesser trees and more sunlight. With a small frown, she gazed back at the path she took as she wondered why the number of trees reduced. It was then that she felt something collide into her back so hard that it caused her to fall face first. So there she lay, on the grass with her silver hair scattered over the land around her head. Annoyance climbed over her face as she lifted herself into a seating position and blowing the hair out of her line of sight.

    Ahro turned her head, only to find a small boy, no more than nine years of age standing there and staring at her. She raised an eyebrow at him and he continued staring at her with a blank expression adorning his features. "Isn't this the part where you apologize and ask if I'm okay? Cause, you know, it's not like I fell face-first on the ground or something." She glanced at him with a questioning gaze.

    "It looks like you're okay to me and why should I apologize? You're the one who stood there staring at the trees like an idiot."

    It's safe to say that she was pretty shocked by his statement. "Boiii, what did you just say?" To that, he said nothing and simply ran off. She jumped up into a standing position, gaping at the young boy, "That brat, who does he think he is?" Offended at being called an idiot, that too by a small child, she stormed after him to get an apology. Much to her dismay, the child wasn't alone but was rather surrounded by about six others his age, seeming to be playing a game of tag. The game itself, brought a tired look upon her face for she was one who didn't run unless she absolutely had to.

    Pointing at the child who had ran into her, she called out as loudly as she could, "Oi! You rude brat! Come here and apologize, right now!" The kids stopped their game and all eyes were on her but she did not care as she glared at the child at which he simply scoffed and looked away. Moments later, a smile crawled upon his lips as he looked her in the eye. "If you really want an apology, how about you play a game of tag with us? You be it and if you catch us all, I'll apologize." She couldn't help but roll her eyes at that childish attitude. What else did she expect from an impolite little boy? She folded her arms, opening her mouth to refuse the impudent condition when another boy spoke up, "She's too old to run. She'll injure her back or something."

    At that moment, her mouth opened as she could not believe these brats. "I'm not old." Her pride was on the line now. How dare these children underestimate her and call her an old lady? She rolled up the sleeves of her blue shirt and then pointed at all those children, "Get ready! Here I come." With that, she spent a good thirty to forty minutes chasing those kids until she caught them all but they. Dripping with sweat, she collapsed onto the ground, panting to catch her breath. "This is why I hate running." She muttered to herself but could not deny that she actually had fun.

    The boy walked up to her, "Well, you did it. I'm sorry for making you fall." She scoffed but couldn't help but smile. Her smile soon faded tho, when they begged her for another game, leaving her with no choice but to accept. So she spent the rest of the day playing with those kids as time flew past, calling out the moon to replace the sun.

    [Word Count: 765/500]
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