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    The Fight For Journey [Job | Solo]


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    The Fight For Journey [Job | Solo] Empty The Fight For Journey [Job | Solo]

    Post by Ahro 3rd April 2017, 11:41 am

    Job Description :


    The light breeze mingled with the refreshing scent of the sea as she leisurely strolled through the busy streets of Hargeon. Ahro smiled as she inhaled the energizing air that surrounded but her smile quickly fell as the commotion around her bombarded the usual peace of the town. The wind blew loose strands of her pale silver hair that rested upon her head in the form of a bun, and pushed them to wiggle upon her face. With a swift motion of her finger, she rested them upon the bend of her ear and took in her surroundings. Her eyebrows raised slightly as her curiosity soared while she gazed upon the large crowd of people bustling around, pushing against one another and struggling to enter one office that lay amidst this chaotic scenery. With a frown, she approached a man clad in a uniform, appearing to be that of a civil servant's. She isn't usually very aware of the people around her so assuming that he was indeed a civil servant, she continued her steps and halted before him. He glanced at her with a raised eyebrow, "Yes? How may I help you?"

    To that statement, she simply plastered a cheeky smile onto her lips. "Oh, I just wanted to know what all this-", She pointed towards the crowd in a circular motion of her hand, "-is about." The man followed the motion of her hand and let out a soft grunt followed by a tired sigh, "Oh, this. These people are here to register their families and their own passports." That alone did not settle in her brain. With her crimson eyes, she stared straight at the man as he, after a bit of staring back, realized the confusion conveyed through her poker face. "A passport. You know, the book that allows you to travel to different parts of Fiore."

    After a few seconds of processing, her lips formed an 'o' shape as she slightly nodded her head, releasing a small noise that sounded like a prolonged 'ohh'. She looked back at the man and smiled, pairing it up with a gentle thank you before moving away to the back of the crowd. The sound of a passport tempted her, "Travel to any part of Fiore, huh?" She tapped her chin with her finger before letting her lips morph into a smile. Clicking her finger, she yelled, "Aha! Sound's great."

    Unintentionally, she grabbed the unwanted fazed gazed of few but she didn't care as she rolled up the sleeves of her slightly oversized pink shirt that stopped a little above her thighs which were clad in black cloth. Digging her dirty white sneakers into the ground, she prepared herself mentally before letting out a breath of readiness. With that she charged straight into the crowd, trying to get past the wild group of people that wanted the same thing as her but she didn't really want to waste time. Slipping and sliding through the bunch, she found herself being elbowed or kicked a few times which resulted in nothing much expect a small string of colorful whispers from her side. She was just too determined to get into the office and alas, she did, after a lot of pushing and shoving. She let out a sign of tiredness as she reached a less crowded area covered in dampness due to sweat, belonging to both, herself and others.

    With a disgusted look on her face, she marched forward, joining the small queue inside and finally obtained the small solid colored book that served as her invitation to journeying. With a grin on her face, she walked away from the crowd, scoffing at those whom she remembers assaulting her in this fight as they were still stuck within the perspiration inducing gathering.

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