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    Big City Hound [Closed / Suna]


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    Big City Hound [Closed / Suna] Empty Big City Hound [Closed / Suna]

    Post by Stacesune April 3rd 2017, 12:59 pm

    Two towns now. TWO TOWNS NOW where he'd managed to walk in and literally have no idea where he was, how he got there, and STILL hating that he'd left behind his Jewels. Staring at the shops here, everything was so.. Fancy. Granted to most passerby he didn't stand out all too much, his attire close enough to denote him as probably a butler or bartender or something within one of the classy businesses. What did stand out though was just how loud his stomach was growling over the crowds, some people actively staring at him when it released equal to the loud roar of a lion... Or well, maybe a loud wolf growl.

    The pan pinched his brow a bit in the mild annoyance of his situation, stopping for a moment to admire the lavish area he was in though. Staring out at a few stores, holding his stomach once more as he groans out. Walking again, if only to find a seat to drop down in and relax. Along the walk you spoke... Maybe a bit too loudly. "I swear. For a wolf I am the absolute best at getting myself lost. I swear I'll wither away before I actually get there. Damn it. I'm probably going to have to grab me a small job while I'm here, I'm liable to eat grass at this rate." Turning to thinking finally as he sat down, damning his carelessness. He had a job, he was supposed to already be AT the job, and not only did he forget to bring a map, but his money, no food. Just his clothes and magic. Idiot...


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    Suna Maralu
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    Big City Hound [Closed / Suna] Empty Re: Big City Hound [Closed / Suna]

    Post by Suna Maralu April 4th 2017, 12:48 am

    An excited Suna dressed in her purple casual clothes and a cloth wrapped tightly around her forearm skipped through the streets of the amazing town.. The cloth was a normal thing for her to have as it prevented her from being kicked out of fun towns. As she would put it some people weren't a fan of what the cloth hid and so she kept it on. "Maybe I should get something to eat before I continue to explore..." Suna muttered to herself as her thoughts went from being kicked out of a town to food.

    Suna stopped in her steps as she turned to see some sort of butler look like he was getting frustrated over something. The butler looked like some sort of wolf or dog and could have sworn he mentioned something about being one of those two. Though the grass part made her think differently. She gave a shrug, knowing she had very little to lose in interacting with someone and walked towards the wolf? dog? cow? person. The person who like most others she had seen was a lot taller than her, almost 8 inches taller if she would have to guess. Though size was never something that Suna would get nervous at."I'm not too sure dogs eat grass..." The raven haired girl said going along with her second guess. "I guess they can eat grass if they wanted to though." Suna said cheerfully.

    (sorry if the post is a bit short)


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