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    Chinese Zodiac Plot and Positions


    Chinese Zodiac Plot and Positions Empty Chinese Zodiac Plot and Positions

    Post by Guest on 31st March 2017, 10:34 am

    Chinese Zodiac Plot and Positions Rochester.regular

    Many light years ago, before the world was inhabited by mages and people alike, was a realm dedicated to the chinese zodiac, the embodiment's of the 12 animals were like none other, and the embodiment's were happy with their spirit animals. This was long before the mages took the world and so because none of them knew about this realm, the embodiment's went about in peace and unity, unknowing of the dangers that could inhabit their souls.

    However, they needed an heir after their king and queen died and went missing... an heir that they all deemed they could follow happily and that wouldn't abuse them or use them to their advantage. With this, they all picked out 13 heirs that would rule them with honour and happiness, as they cannot take care of themselves. Soon... they found the first one, the Guiyang known as Summer. Unbeknown to her, the chinese zodiac chosen her after they found out that her parents were the king and queen. Summer's quest begins, a quest to find the other Chinese Zodiac royalties, they may or may not know it, but they are a great symbol for the realm... All Summer needs to do is to find them.

    Queen of the Zodiac - Summer Guiyang

    Rat - ??
    Ox - ??
    Tiger - ??
    Rabbit - ??
    Dragon - ??
    Snake - ??
    Horse - ??
    Goat - ??
    Monkey - ??
    Rooster - ??
    Dog - ??
    Pig - ??

    OOC: This is just so I can keep track of plot stuff x) There will be no applying for it or anything of the sort x)

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