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    From The Shadows Evil Stirs (Nora/ PM for invite)


    Shadow of Death

    Shadow of Death

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    From The Shadows Evil Stirs (Nora/ PM for invite) Empty From The Shadows Evil Stirs (Nora/ PM for invite)

    Post by Sol 29th March 2017, 11:22 pm

    The City of Terra Ignis was active and bustling with vendors selling their wares and mages moving two and from trying to do jobs, however if they were to look above them into the sky they would see a lone figure hovering in the air. The figures black wings stood out against the sky as he observed the town below him in an effort to get a decent lay of the land before he dove down and searched for his contact. He had only been to this city once before and he normally made an effort to not cause trouble but this time something was off, he could smell the scent of something familiar but it was off.

    He also could sense magic power that was familiar to him but the connection he couldn’t put his finger on it. After a moment he dove down to the city folding his wings and gaining considerable speed before he maneuvered toward a dark ally and before his body could hit the ground his melded into the shadows like it was water. From that point the poison shadow dragon moved thru the shadows of the midi style village no one aware of his presence and no one saw the red eyes peering from the shadows from time to time.

    It only took a few moments of searching but the slayer found his contact and he was less then pleased at what the man had been doing. He took money from a rune knight and was counting it as the knight walked away. Once the lawman was out of sight and earshot the slayer suddenly snatched the man by his cloak and thru him into a dark alley before anyone could notice. The man had no time to even speak before a clawed and scaled foot was pressed hard into his windpipe nearly choking him. “I never thought you would be such a fool but out of boredom I’ll allow you to try and explain yourself” The slayer said with a tone like Ice.

    My lord please I needed the money I’v had such a hard time making ends meet due to the constant surveillance you have me do on this town and its guild.” the man choked out before he was silenced by a toe claw coming dangerously close to cutting his throat open.”I don’t want your excuses you plotted with the ruin knights to try and backstab us but lucky for us I managed to have the guild dodge that bullet but rest assured your replacement is already doing a better job then you so do me a favor and die” he hissed before he suddenly lashed out with his claws and tore the mans throat out in one motion. “Good help is so god damn hard to find these days” he grumbled


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