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    From Fiore to the end of the world!

    Leila Vergious
    Leila Vergious

    Eden's Rose

    Eden's Rose

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    From Fiore to the end of the world! Empty From Fiore to the end of the world!

    Post by Leila Vergious 26th March 2017, 10:02 am

    Leila Vergious • Golden Phoenix • D Rank

    Hargeon was a unique place. It had endured so much destruction but was still standing, Leila could not help it but feel like she and this place were alike. Even though she was supposed to be long dead now, here she was. Walking and breathing in fresh air, feeling more free than ever before. The gentle wind was blowing against her body, making her long silver hair flutter behind her body as she leaned forward and rested on a railing that overlook one of the smaller squares where people would gather. Watching them from an elevated place like this, it felt both serene and lonely. A complete and utter loneliness... many humans never actually experienced it. A moment when a living being truly had nothing at all. But the Eden's spirit knew it far too well. When she was first born, in the dimensional gap... and after she sacrificed herself for her best friend. Her soul was truly alone then, unable to go anywhere and enjoy anything. Gardens of Eden, Earthland and many other worlds, they provided reason for the girl to continue moving on, to never stop. And that made her smile, as this world meant everything to her. She was once a goddess and she had her own realm, yes. But as far as she was concerned, this plain of existence was her true home. She was born here as Leila Vergious and raised by the nameless golem that found her, the one she called father.

    She wanted to visit his grave as soon as possible, but there was one slight issue. It was all the way in Joya, hidden among the mountains that formed the nation's borders. It was where a small hut was built, the only place that her father would ever call home, as he himself was a wanderer that never remained in one place for too long. And when she found him there, deceased... she buried him right next to it. She was visiting the grave very regularly, but now was unable to. As she herself was proclaimed dead, her passport used to cross border of Fiore was actually disabled. And yes, there was always the option of her smuggling herself out of this place, but she wished to do things the official way. After all, she was still a respectable member of Golden Phoenix and even still seen as one of the Rising Stars. A title she somewhat wanted to reclaim one of these days, as it was lost with her life too. But before all of that could happen, she had to take care of things. First one, the passport! She first got it in this place and wanted to renew it here for the sake of nostalgia. Already this whole place felt familiar and warmly welcoming. It honestly placed a big smile onto the girl's face as she moved away from the marble railing and stretched her body a bit.

    "Alright! That's enough reminiscing of the past, time to get going."

    She spoke even though she was pretty much completely alone in this place. Was that a new habit of hers? Quite possibly, as she kinda lacked the company she used to have. Ori, the Eden sprite that was with her from almost the very beginning. And then Yuki, who joined much later. The first spirit of her world, her protector and in a sense, daughter. She too was now gone along with the rest of Eden's spirits. It was sad, but it was the reality of things. Without their goddess, they all eventually disappeared. But Leila was hopeful! If she herself was allowed to return from the dead, then perhaps there was also a way to return everyone she loved back. It would be a long and rough road, but she was prepared to walk it. Because she would do anything for those she loved! Well... almost anything as she realized. No more sacrifices, that was a new personal rule of hers. Before she even properly realized it, she was already standing in front of the offices where they would give her the new passport. Sometimes she could loose herself in her thoughts so much that her body just went into automatic mode and did things on it's own. But that too was fine. Because of the time of the year, the whole place was somewhat devoid of attention, unlike the first time she was here. Thanks to that, everything went smoothly and fast, the Eden's mage leaving with her new passport in such a short while that it almost felt like an instant. Yet another thing she could happily remove from her to-do list as she tried to climb up back to where she once was!

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