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    Rai and Yazuki's first job together!

    Rai Sormr

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    Rai and Yazuki's first job together!

    Post by Rai Sormr on 26th March 2017, 1:46 am

    Rai Sormr • Black Rose • C Rank

    Today was a good day, a good day. Today was the day Dante fulfilled his end of the deal. You see, they made a bet the other day that Dante could beat Rai in a race. Rules were, no magic and no foul play, one lap around Rose Garden. It was a close race, but Rai was the winner in the end. Rai's reward was that all day today, Dante couldn't speak a word otherwise, his punishment would be for Iza, Black Rose's guild master, to dress him up and let Rai take pictures to send back home. You know full well Rai was abusing this in hopes of getting Dante to break. They were at the Silvermoon Inn's restaurant section having their morning breakfast. Rai ordered a basic two eggs, bacon and toast with hash browns meal while Dante ordered the Steak and eggs special. Of course, he had to point it out to the waiter instead of saying what he wanted otherwise it was dress up time.

    It wasn't too long before some unknown people came walking into the Inn. Rai was finished with his breakfast, so he decided to see what they wanted since the receptionist wasn't there atm. "Can I help you two?" Rai asked politely. "We would like to speak with Yazuki, please. It's an important matter. If he is unavailable then could we possibly talk to another member of his Thunder Legion?" they replied. The two were dressed in some fancy uniform. "I'm a member of the Thunder Legion. May I ask what it's about?" Rai asks.

    "Just make sure Yazuki get's this." the man on the left said handing Rai an envelope. "Have a good day." The man on the right finished and left. Rai rejoined Dante who just finished up his breakfast and had a look of confusion on his face. He paid for their breakfast then went to look for Yazuki. "Some suits showed up looking for Yazuki. They wanted me to give him this."  Rai explained to Dante.

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