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    Private Important Stuff

    Post by Guest on 25th March 2017, 5:32 pm

    Here is the members list and their ranks in Golden Phoenix, we aim to have a good time in Golden Phoenix and we aim to help each member while continuing for our goal at the same time, which is treasure hunting. Regardless, here are the members, their ranks and their positions ^-^

    Astrid Foss


    Important Stuff Ace_zpsaa42971e

    -Hero Yamamoto Ace of Diamond
    -Vacant Ace of Topaz
    -Vacant Ace of Moonstone

    Important Stuff H-rank_zps37c88060

    -Elyx Reiaki Halcyon

    Important Stuff S-rank_zps5fc91b8f

    -Mistress Venir

    Important Stuff A-rank_zps6339b313

    -Hero Yamamoto One Punch Man
    -Astrid Foss Guardian Of Light
    -Salrynn Fireworks Expert

    Important Stuff B-rank_zpsec0b343c

    Important Stuff C-rank_zps752a0441

    -Noa Kuroki Unhealthy Danger
    -Kaya Bryndis Vampiric Beauty
    -Megálos Aderfós Nature's Lost King

    Important Stuff D-rank_zps94f3fc77

    -Shen Lightning Fast
    -Alexander Easton Gentlemanly
    -Shipping goddess Ultimate Dreamer
    -Akira Hikobamizal Voice of Ages
    -AtsuroRock Reinforced
    -Uenol Clawed Demon

    Credits to Edith for the GFX's.

    If you would like your name listed onto here, please use the following code and reply down onto here! ^.^

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    Private Re: Important Stuff

    Post by Guest on 26th March 2017, 1:57 am

    Might I remind everyone that this isn't the guild roster yet :/ I am just doing stuff to it. D=

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