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    Leila Vergious
    Leila Vergious

    Eden's Rose

    Eden's Rose

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    Back to the roots Empty Back to the roots

    Post by Leila Vergious on 25th March 2017, 4:48 pm

    Leila Vergious • Golden Phoenix • D Rank

    A magic disabling phenomenon unique to Neutral Grounds. Leila still didn't quite understand it and was still very surprised by at, as much as she was when she experienced this the first time. Of course, it was not as bad now! Just remembering how confused she was back then made her chuckle, which in turn attracted somewhat unwanted gazes from people around her. Fancy dressed lady giggling to herself in the middle of a road, it did not paint the prettiest picture after all. But that was all just fine! Today was actually a very special day for the silver haired maiden, as she held a certain yellow device in her right hand. iLac, a communication lacrima that allowed two different people to talk even though they were miles away from one another. A tool that came in handy to the adventurous girl many times now. But the one she was holding right now was all beat up and barely functional right now. It lived through many different jobs and struggles, that was for sure. But alas, it was time to say goodbye.

    This morning, she found a small flier that was announcing a new version of this device coming out. And as was the tradition, the factory was once more handing them out for free. Truly, how did they manage to stay in business was beyond the girl. But she was glad that she could get a little upgrade for free and stay in touch with everyone she had to stay in touch with. And so, she was headed towards the smoking factory not too far from where she just stood. Every corner felt nostalgic to her now as she remembered just how lost she was when she was here first. In fact, this was probably the very first location she visited in Fiore. Not exactly the best choice, but it was still her choice nonetheless. In a sense, this little adventure held a special place in the girl's heart that nothing else could. Just like a certain black haired girl did!

    Finally approaching the factory gates, she noticed the crowd was as big as ever. A nervous smile as a little bit of sweat started running down her face, but she had time. If she remembered correctly, she just kinda managed to squeeze through all the people last time, but she did not want to do that today. After all, she was wearing her armor and it would be awful shame to damage cloth as exquisite as this! Even though it was suited for combat... but she had the patience! And as time went by, the crowd did indeed grow smaller until one of the ladies handing out the devices noticed the Eden's mage standing there and spoke out. "Leila Vergious?"

    It was somewhat unusual to be recognized just like that, even though she was ex-Rising Star. And so she approached the booth with simple "Yes!" And inspected the woman from the top of her head to her toes. An ordinary human with no magical abilities, just a girl that worked in the factory and somehow enjoyed it. And right now, she was also wearing a big, welcoming smile. "It is you! Oh, this is amazing! I did not expect someone I heard so much about would visit this place... are you here for the new version of iLac? One moment!" She quickly picked up a red device that looked much more fancy that the one Leila had with her. Indeed that was what she was here for, but she would not leave just yet even after picking up what she wanted.

    "Heard about me? I'm sure it's nothing all that impressive!" She tried to be humble, but instead, her hand was grabbed by the lady as her eyes sparkled with excitement. "What nonsense Miss Vergious, you're the one who defeated Nightmare Lilith, are you not? And even helped the Ace of Golden Phoenix, Hero Yamamoto with his home village! You would be surprised how many fans you have in this place and it is truly a pleasure to meet you in person!" Something like that, Leila had absolutely no idea how she should react. So she simply thanked the lady and left her a little autograph on her own iLac as she left the factory behind, feeling even happier than before. And just as she was about to leave this place for her first contract in a very long time, she clutched the lacrime and moved one of her hands to her heart. "I... my dream is finally coming true, father!" And with those words, she walked away.

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