A drink in the bar![Open/Social]

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    A drink in the bar![Open/Social]

    Post by Starstruck XD on 14th March 2017, 5:04 am

    Haia, laments her birthday, for many reasons. One was because, her mother's death day, was also her birthday. The other reasons were because her dad died on her birthday and so did her aunt, what was worse is that she ended up in Hargeon town on her birthday. Haia personally never told anyone her birthday to be more exact. The young archer slinks into the bar, and the busty barmaid happily gave her the usual apple cidar. Haia has grown to the drink, and was thinking maybe exporting some from Seven where there were some really good cidar. Haia asked one more thing of the young barmaid, a small slice of chocolate cake with a strawberry on top before taking her seat near the window. It had a nice view of the boats that were docked at the harbor. The proud ship of the captain Anastasia, the Myrmidon bobbed silently up and down just like the other ships. Slowly the girl chugs her cidar, before setting it down slowly on the table. Haia looks at the lamps that lit the room, and draws light from them and slowly traces the words, "Happy Birthday Haia!", in the usual cursive language and just stares at the words in a blank expression, but slowly a small smile grows across her cheeks. Reality now is pretty much gone to her.


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