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    Introduction of my character...


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    Introduction of my character... Empty Introduction of my character...

    Post by savageprince22 on 10th March 2017, 4:09 pm

    Hi my name is Kasper dragoneel Natsu Dragneel was my best friend as a child until my parents went missing and I had to find them. I was in the woods one day when I was pinned down by a beast... An amber Dragon---- He taught me the ancient magic of "amber." This allows me to store anyone's magic whom I touch. This allows me an infinite supply of magic, believe me, it's come in handy. Speaking of so I've finally joined a guild... Fairy Tail.:bounce: :bounce: :twisted: :P :P :P :P :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: 🎅 looks like Christmas came early. I hope that I become S-class with all the powers I have and I hope one day I find Natsu and I guess I am a dragon slayer.

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    Introduction of my character... Empty Re: Introduction of my character...

    Post by Cr1tikal on 11th March 2017, 12:02 am

    Welcome to the site.

    I edited out the massive amount of emotes, there's no need for that kind of spam here to portray anything. Also, Fairy Tail is currently a closed guild and requires you to PM their Guild Master (Ivyleaf33) and get approval from them to join.

    I would suggest starting with this link: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t17110-new-user-guide#202677

    It will go over everything you need to do to start out on site, and will help you with creating an actual magic and character. (Everyone starts at D by the way)


    Introduction of my character... MQNhOUw

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