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    To steal a recipe~


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    To steal a recipe~ Empty To steal a recipe~

    Post by Tristian on 5th March 2017, 4:05 pm

    Tristian woke in his room and yawned loudly. He sat straight up and rubbed his eyes as he looked around his messy room, searching for clothes. "I seriously need to clean this mess.." he said as he quickly hopped throught the mess of empty boxes and old wanted posters. He reached his desk and looked at the poster on it. "Theft in Peace Village" was standing at the top of it and the explaintation was clear. He had to steal some kind of lame recipe. Tristian worked his way through the clothes on his chair and found the clothes he was looking for "ah there ya are." He mumbled as he quickly dressed up for the day and went outside to the main hall. He wasn't planning on doing this job alone. He walked up to the notice board at the guild hall and pinned a notice down reading "Wanted partner to keep me company during a D rank job. Requirements : nothing special just be pleasant to be around with. I'll be waiting in the hall." and then a picture of him grinning nicely. "There that should do I guess." he walked to the counter and ordered his breakfast "One bowl of milk with cereal and hurry it up I'm hungry. " he said to the guy behind the counter and he looked around waiting for somebody to show up. He hoped it would take long since time usual went very slow while he had to wait.

    After he finished his breakfast nobody had shown up so he decided to hang around in the corner. The moment he arrived a big tall guy walked up to him and cornered him in the corner of the guildhall. "What is a little pest like you doing in our guildhall? I saw the notice you placed on the board. You're a D rank mage?! You're just a little brat! What harm can you do to other D rank mages?! huh?!" The guy got ready to drive Tristian into the ground with his fist as suddenly time had seemed to stopped for everybody but Tristian. "You've got no idea.. big boy." Tristian said with a dark tone in his voice and he walked behind the guy and released his magic. The moment the magic was released the guy pummeled his fist straight through the ground and fell face firt into the wall. "That's what ya get for picking on stronger mages. Got it memorized?~" Tristian yelled as he ran from the now unconcious guy. This wasn't the first time people from the guild tried things on him but he couldn't stop to wonder how he got out this time. What was it he did again? As Tristian tried to remember what happened he noticed someone was reading his note on the board and he quickly came back to his senses and quickly sat down at the table nearby waiting for a reply.



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