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    Shadow of the Past [Job | Izayuki]


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    Shadow of the Past [Job | Izayuki] Empty Shadow of the Past [Job | Izayuki]

    Post by Kiru 26th February 2017, 3:57 pm

    Job Title:
    Kiyoshi: The Spirit Trial


    Player Requirements:
    Black Rose only. Other guilds are allowed with the permission of a GM or Ace. At least 2 C-rank mages or 1 B-rank mage.

    Job Requirements:
    4,500 Words if Solo. 7,500 Words if with partners.

    Job Location:

    Job Description:
    Sakuramori is a vast forest that has a living essence all its own. When wandering within the confines of the forest, one can easily find themselves walking in circles, unable to leave the woods. This is the power of the cherry blossom forest, and within it dwells the Hansha and the Shades. In Black Rose territory, this is where members can be sent to take the Kiyoshi, or Spirit Trial, to find their own 'spirit guide'.

    For guild members brave enough to try, there is a test. This test will have the guild member venture into the forest alone, or with one companion in order to find a spirit that will reflect their souls in a living manifestation. However, there are many dangers the test taker must face before they can find their Spirit Guide… Scattered around the Cherry Blossoms are corrupted spirits. These beings are either the souls of those who broke the Cherry Blossom’s code, or failed the Kiyoshi. These corrupted beings are simply known as “Shades” And will be the biggest challenge the test taker will have to face. Some will attempt to tear through the guild member with sheer force, and others will try to manipulate them into taking the wrong paths. If the test taker manages to resist the Shades, they will eventually come across a spirit that reflects them. Ironically, this spirit will always have the personality that is directly opposite of the test taker’s. This being the only factor to tell which spirit belongs to the guild member.

    Lost Souls ;; People who have failed the Kiyoshi and have lost themselves in the forest slowly lose their mind and become insane. They are often manipulated or merged with Shades and might attempt to attack you blindly. They deal C rank damage, and take 5 B rank hits, 10 C rank hits, to take down.

    Rogue Shades ;; Hansha who have strayed away from the people they were reflected from eventually evolve into evil spirit guides known as 'Shades'. These rogues eventually evolve into shadow-like monsters who will try to either attack or manipulate you to throw you off course. They deal B rank damage, and take 10 B rank hits to take down, or 20 C rank hits.

    True Shades ;; Hansha who turn evil and eventually consume their reflected counterpart, the person, become what are called True Shades. They evolve into very strong monsters, who will manipulate people they encounter in Sakuramori, or try to kill, possess, confuse, or torture them, depending on the Shade. They take 15 B rank hits to take down, and 30 C rank hits. They deal B rank damage.

    Your Reflection ;; Your Hansha; a being that reflects your soul and will become your spirit guide. The form they take may vary, but is usually 'reflected' off of your nature or character. However, their personality is the EXACT opposite of you, yet your job is to come to accept them in the end, and have them accept you. They might possibly challenge you, negotiate or talk with you, or have you solve some sort of puzzle or challenge. Upon both the person and their Reflection accepting one another, you will be permitted and able to leave the sakura forest. The Hansha can be summoned whenever you like with the Black Rose Guildmark.

    12,000 Jewels. A personal (noncombat) Hansha to summon with the Black Rose guildmark.

    Silence... That was all that could be heard. The very absence of sound was always an unsettling feeling to most people. The fact that nothing can be heard, or was reluctant to even BE heard often puts people on edge. While the void of movement nor ambience was somewhat oppressing, many people had learned to embrace it. Some reveled in the silence of thought, and would often become lost in their seemingly endless stream of time. A chance of solitude in their peaceful ignorance to the happenings of the world around them. Be it even for a few minutes... Hours... Days.... Or years...

    Kiru would be sitting on top of the Rose Garden's most popular establishment. The Silver Moon Inn, also famously known as the guildhall of the Black Rose wizard guild. The demon slayer would be silently staring off over the vast city as the sun's lights would slowly danced on the horizon, leading to the first hints of dawn. While the Inn wasn't very tall, and the city wasn't exactly less lively during the night, Kiru still found this spot to be the only place she could find her peace during the long nights. Her inability to sleep made the world seem so different to her when the sky darkens. Unlike most that would be anyways. Did she despise it? Did she wish her human instinct was still intact? Possibly. However, there was always the factor Kiru could never ignore. The fact that she had forgotten what a dream was. It had been so long, why else do people sleep she wondered. There were those who wished to speed up their own internal clocks, and awake in their own bright and familiar world the next day. Others simply fell of exhaustion, but both always have the same experience, weather they ever remember it or not. They dream. What was the point in wanting to sleep now if you did not even remember the thrill of the dream? Or the horrors of the nightmares. No... Kiru did not miss it. It was one factor her old mentor did not take into account when she had sent the demon slayer her message.

    The longer time would pass, the harder and harder it continually got for Kiru to forget the event. After all, what could she possibly do during these long dark hours? She was known for being organized and efficient, so all her tasks would've been completed by nightfall. Leaving the girl with a 9 hour break of complete solitude while the world slept. And it's not like she found any of the activities within Rose Garden to be entertaining, not at night anyways. That's when it hit her. The cure to her painful memories and the silence she experienced was to acquire someone to take her mind off of such things... And she knew just the way to do that.

    No less than an hour later, Kiru would be in the main lounge as the Inn began to slowly wake up. She was seated at a booth, looking over a piece of parchment. The title written in black ink was simply "Sakuramori", and it seemed to display a detailed map. Not that it would actually help though, Kiru would think. The forest was well known for distorting your sense of direction, so no map of that place could ever be considered accurate. However that wouldn't discourage the demon slayer. It was high time she took the trial. No one in her guild had taken the trials yet, and returned that was. She was well aware of the risk, but this felt important to her. If she wanted to keep herself from descending into madness.

    Sighing, after making the final notes, trying to commit whatever she could to memory, the girl stood up. Being an Ace meant Kiru was responsible for looking after the guild when her guildmaster wasn't around, as well as keep things going smoothly. So it would've been a smart move for her to inform someone she was going out. And who better than Izayuki? The yokai was really her only trusted friend, as Kiru had rarely spoken with anyone in the guild except a few. Not to mention she WAS the guildmaster, so it only made sense. Kiru would go to Iza (Wherever she would be located.) And simply nod. "I believe it is time for me to take the Kyoshi. I assume it will be alright if I venture into Sakuramori to take the test?"


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