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    Chase The Muffin Man;; Job


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    Chase The Muffin Man;; Job Empty Chase The Muffin Man;; Job

    Post by Pandora on 24th February 2017, 3:25 pm

    630 of 600 words

    The cupcake dress that some servant had laid out for her was entirely ridiculous, something royalty should never have to wear. However when she considered what she would be going out to do on this current day? The garment with a small apron tied around the waist actually made a tad bit of sense! If one was going to hunt down runaway gingerbread men, they might as well look as if they could have some idea of what they were doing. Frey of course always knew what she was doing, because she would never be anything less than her mother’s daughter and a princess. So, in the end, the tan based dress did not seem so bad, though she was not fond of the yellow icing on the pink cupcakes it would have looked better blue, at least her black combat boots went with anything lacking a single outfit they did not suit being the company of. Once she had gotten dressed the young girl set to brushing out her long pink hair, not bothering to bind it in any sort of way because she figured that hunting a piece of runaway food could not be too hard. Honestly, in spite of her own weird existence, the girl did not think the thing had actually come alive, she thought it had been misplaced or some such nonsense. Well Frey would be proved wrong soon enough because she would eventually have to take down a piece of living gingerbread, which would be weird because she would just want to eat it but who knew where it’s germy feet had ran, it would not be a wise choice for a child to eat a runaway gingerbread. Anyways now that the child was ready to start her day the girl motioned for her large companion to follow her, a simple finger gesture telling silver that they were heading out. So the two set off to find the troublesome thing.

    “Earth Dragon's Sword!” she still had a hard time believing that this creature actually existed, clearly it had been born as a normal gingerbread cookie and somehow come to life, she wondered why someone would have brought it to animation. Frey’s small hand pulled up the blackened blade as Silver grabbed at one of the arms of the little thing yanking it off and chewing on it. “Spit it out boy, you don’t know where this thing has been.” the child scolded him and the canine obeyed, slapping the gingerbread over to his mistress, watching as it was impaled on her blade. Once the thing had squirmed off Rune’s blade the girl followed it curiously as it backed away, shouting about the muffin man. Did this ’muffin man’ have something to with why a piece of food had suddenly come to life and started running around? “I guess he can only really talk about the muffin man and isn’t going to give us any other info-” the girl got cut off as Silver chomped down on the cookie once more, earning an angry glare from Frey who had already told him once not to eat the little thing. Of course, the fate of food was to be eaten, wasn’t it? She laughed slightly as her wolf licked crumbs from his lips and barked happily once, seemingly liking the taste of the once living gingerbread. “Alright then, let's go collect our reward and then go home boy.” Frey giggled once more as she watched silver rush over to her, nuzzling her hip and shoving his nose into her hand almost as if he wanted more food. Once they got back to the castle? She would make sure to get him some sort of steak or something before they found a skull to play around with.



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