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    The Voice of the Sea Speaks to the Soul [Kanix Kumonosu]


    The Voice of the Sea Speaks to the Soul [Kanix Kumonosu] Empty The Voice of the Sea Speaks to the Soul [Kanix Kumonosu]

    Post by Guest Fri 24 Feb 2017 - 2:28

    From the shell, a song of the sea
    Neither quiet nor calm, searching for love again
    Between the stones, between the storm, between belief

    1,028 words

    From the depths of the waters, she rose, using one hand to flip back the sopping, wet hair that hung around her face like willow leaves. The chatter of people echoed harshly into her ears, having been used to the silence of the waters beneath the surface of the ocean. They were all around her, shouting and screaming at each other or calling out sounds of excitement and fear from various activities. She couldn’t see what these activities were, but she could feel that these activities were bringing the people around her pure joy and happiness. It brought a smile to her face, but it wasn’ their happiness or the beach that she was here for; no, she was here for something else. What called to her was not the ocean’s waters or the shouts of people being happy, but the beckon and call of a slip of paper. This slip of paper? It would allow for her to go places, places in which she had never been to before or dreamed of ever visiting.

    Kanix let her feet sink into the soft sand of Hargeon Town’s famous beach, wriggling her toes and enjoying the sand’s warmth for a moment. After a few moments of simply standing there, the woman pressed off her heels and began to walk in a random direction that would lead her into to town. It didn’t help that she wasn’t quite familiar with the structure of Hargeon Town, so she stumbled over her steps more often than not. However, the people around her were kind enough to help guide her along and realize that she would need the help they offered. Considering she was blind, she couldn’t see where she was going, and her senses weren’t quite attuned after the rebirth. Certainly, it would take a while before she was able to readjust to the surroundings of the natural world, rather than the silence of the ocean’s waters. A thing she would miss with how peaceful and quiet it was, but she would get over missing it soon and be glad she was back again.

    Climbing up a set of stairs, the woman ascended into the base of Hargeon Town and turned in any which direction she could possibly go. The honk of horns and the hustle and bustle of life filled her ears to the brim, even overwhelming the young woman for a bit. It dazed her, but it wasn’t something that would completely prevent her from finding the place that was handing out passports. After all, today was the day that Fiore reopened its borders to the surroundings countries and even countries across the seas. This appeared to be an exciting announcement, since everyone and their mothers seemed to crowd the streets to get to the docks. Kanix had her hands outstretched, touching anything and everything around her to make sure she wasn’t running into things. People didn’t seem to like that, but it was the only thing she could do in order to prevent herself from falling flat on her face.

    Excuse me!” she called out, hoping to gain a pedestrian’s attention, so that she could ask where she would need to go. It was a dock, that was as much as she knew, but she didn’t know if it was Hargeon Town’s main port or if it was a small area. If anything, it would likely be the main port, but she couldn’t be too certain and the only way to be completely sure was to ask. “Excuse me! Can someone tell me where I would be able to get a passport?” Kanix called out again, still hoping to be heard by someone. As she pushed through and past people, she felt her arm quickly grabbed and was yanked to the side by another passing pedestrian.

    You said that you were searching to find where you needed to go to get your passport? It’s Hargeon Town’s main port,” the woman stated quickly to her. “However, I have to warn you that the line is extremely long and you could be sitting there for a few hours before you get to the front.

    That’s quite all right, I’m as patient as a rock; I just really need to get my passport, so I’m not stuck only doing missions in Fiore. In fact, I think it would be more worthwhile if I’m able to get my passport, so waiting a few hours won’t do me any harm.” She gave the woman a slight bow in thanks before turning on her way and heading in the direction of the main port when she had last been there. A while back, she had come here in order to help a man, named Julius Seas, taken down and apprehend a sex trade that was going on. It was a job she had appreciated doing because she felt she had been able to save the woman and girls from miserable lives like she once had. However, it had been a while since she had last been at Hargeon Town, and it wasn’t like she was able to memorize what it looked like.

    Eventually, she arrived at the main port of Hargeon Town and joined the long line of people who were waiting to get their passport. It wasn’t too long of a line, honestly, but it would likely take her ages with all the chattering that was going on around her. It seemed there were many people here and although the line felt short to her, it could be extremely long and she wouldn’t know. A few hours later and she was at the front of the line, being asked where she came from, what her name was, how old she was, et cetera. All rather annoying questions that she didn’t want to answer, but she had to be truthful and answer the old lady at the desk. Before long, she had her passport in her hand and was sent on her way back home, ready to go on missions across seas. With that in mind, she was quite excited for her mission that would be somewhere that wasn’t located in the territory of Fiore.
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