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    Delivery Boy/Girl

    Yazuki Yoshino
    Yazuki Yoshino

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    Delivery Boy/Girl Empty Delivery Boy/Girl

    Post by Yazuki Yoshino Thu 23 Feb - 15:03

    Yazuki was at it once again, helping out the populace. He didn't know why he was contacted so often by people, but he had a feeling it was the way he dressed and was always kind to others. He walked around from house to house delivering the letters the mail man had given him. This was a tedious job, and even Raijin could be heard grumbling in his head. Though Raijin believed the boy an Aspect of Life, he didn't understand his new found obsession with helping people. It unnerved Raijin that he was so humble, as Life itself had been given form, yet seemed to have lost any ego that he possessed, becoming passive in most situations, but Raijin's wisdom was seeping into Yazuki's mind slowly but surely, and the god knew it had a lot to deal with the things he was learning. His brush with Death had started to process Yazuki's soul into something completely different than Yazuki himself could ever imagine, yet Raijin kept quiet.

    Yazuki watched a few kids play tag as he delivered each letter. Some of these people received little to no mail but some of them received many envelopes at a time. He started to ponder how his cave was often discovered for people to send him jobs. The last one had been quite a shock as he had seen Marceline, and they seemed to still connect in a way he couldn't quite explain. He just wanted to know more about the mysterious woman. She seemed to hold him in a decent esteem, the same as he held her, but he wondered what her actual thoughts of him were. She and him had a lot in common and always seemed to know what to say to each other.

    He handed the next piece of mail to the lady at the door, who seemed to think he looked a little weird by the looks he was getting from her. He had a total of 7 more houses until he was done, and at this point, no one had stopped to talk to him. He frowned, realizing that this was not a very social job for him to complete. No one seemed to want to talk to the mail man, they just wanted their letters and nothing more. He watched a dog run across the yard to him, and reached down and petted the little dog. He loved to see someone at least who appreciated his presence. He continued on, starting to think of Zeno. The little nut was probably eating all his food again. He grimaced thinking of Miva alone with those two. He wasn't sure if she would despair or if she would kick their asses. He laughed a little as he thought of her with a frying pan chasing them around. He could totally see her doing that. She had the anger issues for it to be easily believable too.

    He delivered one of his final letters and sighed. Not a single person had come up to him, only the dog. While he loved animals, he was looking for interaction with others. This wasn't the job for it though obviously. He went back to the mail man to receive his jewel. Then he transformed into a bolt of lightning and took off for home. He wondered what awaited him in the next few seconds when he would arrive.


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