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    Too Earthland...And Beyond!

    Yazuki Yoshino
    Yazuki Yoshino

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    Too Earthland...And Beyond! Empty Too Earthland...And Beyond!

    Post by Yazuki Yoshino 23rd February 2017, 3:01 pm

    Yazuki stood in line, waiting for things to slow down. Zeno and Tito had nearly cleaned out his cupboards, so he needed to think of a good shopping list while he waited. He didn't understand how those two ate so much or where it all went. For that matter, why weren't they plump little fat chibbies at this point? He dismissed it as he thought of something that could change how much of their food they ate, but he was drawing a blank. It was a little off putting when some man bumped into him and tried starting something.

    “Watch where you are going buddy and stay in your own line!” the man bellowed at him. He gave him an evil look, his green eyes piercing the man. If looks could kill, this guy would be dead without a second left for him to breathe. He didn't mind people being rude or egotistical, but he did find it disheartening and rude to blame one for something you have done yourself. Also if you were too egotistical, that was a problem too. He turned his attention back to the line, as it was slowly moving.

    'You know you could just... zip to the start of the line right?' The voice of Raijin rang again in his head, a weird feeling that he was getting used to. He couldn't talk back to the god, but the god of thunder and lightning seemed to know his thoughts and always knew what to say. He thought back to the Valentine's Day Ball, one of the last times he had been himself. A lot had changed since then. He was different spiritually, emotionally, and physically in ways he couldn't begin to understand. The line moved forward yet again, as he was 3 people behind now. This was a slow process, but luckily he was patient. Zeno would never be able to stand in a line like this, he would surely run in circles complaining he is hungry. The three ahead of him took some moments, then he finally arrived at the counter.

    “Name please, Guild and current address,” the lady at the counter asked with a bland voice.

    “Yazuki Yoshino, Black Rose, Mysterious Canyon.” The woman looked at him like she thought he was joking, a smile on her face until she realized he wasn't joking.

    He looked at her puzzled but dismissed it. Not a lot of people frequented the canyon, especially since the storms had started. He stuck to his guns though about getting that put down as his address, even having to have the manager add it. She had him stand and take a picture, removing his Dharma and shoulder pads, which made him feel very uneasy. He didn't trust anyone with those things. Finally, after hours of waiting, his passport was complete. He could not go anywhere legally in the world. He turned into a bolt of lightning and took off, startling all there to see. It was time to go home.  As he returned, he found Miva eating in the cave. She had finally returned home, and they could continue their journey.


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