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    Mashyuu in: Find the Runes!




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    Mashyuu in: Find the Runes! Empty Mashyuu in: Find the Runes!

    Post by redheadedstepchild on 19th February 2017, 11:05 pm

    Job Details:

    Part One: The Letter.

    Mashyuu sat in his room, looking at the treasures he had gained from jobs of the past while Itsu slowly boxed them up. "If they don't bring back any memories its time to start making new ones right?" She asked while looking over her slender shoulder at him and dropping a small ring on a shelf into a cardboard box. Mashyuu shrugged and rolled his eyes. "I guess, I suppose it can't hurt to get rid of this stuff. Just feels wrong... I did apparently earn all of this stuff in the past though."

    "Yeah well... Did you not see this? It's still sealed." Itsu pulled a dusty letter off of a shelf and handed it to Mashyuu. Silently he scanned the outside of it and ripped it open. "Do you seek power? Fame? Glory? Perhaps all three? Or perhaps money? Then head to the Sukai Ruins. However...what thou shall find there might not be what you expected if you are too strong." "Huh, I don't know about any of that. But I do know I want to see what this letter is really all about. Come on Itsu, lets go." Mashyuu lazily said and stood up, heading for the front door of the guild house.

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